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Have That Fantasy Sauna Sex Date Again!

Have That Fantasy Sauna Sex Date Again!

 Here is my Fantasy Sauna Sex Story

Oh. Em. Gee… Here I am, a devotee of sexual variety who’s done the wild thing in more places and positions than 99% of women walking the earth today… I need to tell you fantasy sauna sex story.

I’m so excited I can finally have a sauna sex date in my new sauna.

I’m bumpin’ along, thinkin’ I’ve seen and done it all… or at least heard about it all… 

Then “Wham!”… I get catapulted into a totally new realm: making love in a sauna!

I know what you’re thinking: 

“Isn’t that a bit… well, sweaty?” 

Or: “Glistening skin is one thing, but having fantasy sauna sex? That’s just over the top.”

Or maybe your thoughts cross the line into catastrophizing: “What if he gets overheated and has a heart attack?!?”

Not to worry. Infrared saunas use light rather than heat so you won’t be “dripping wet” all over… just where it counts! 

It’s a bit like making love on your own private tropical beach… without all that annoying, gritty sand. A Sunlighten Sauna brings a uniquely luscious environment into your home. 

You sneak downstairs and turn on your latest investment in your health: a Sunlighten Sauna. Then you go upstairs, pour your lover a glass of wine, and say, “I have a special surprise for you,” and ask if they’d enjoy being blindfolded. Of course, they say, “Yes,” so you lead them downstairs, open the door to the sauna, and guide them into a sensual environment like no other. 

As the infrared light penetrates your skin, you pull off the blindfold. Your sauna has a chromotherapy option that you’ve set for the perfect amber-rose mood lighting. The two of your get bathed in the most soothing light imaginable. 

You embrace and hold each other close for several luxurious minutes. Meanwhile, your skin starts producing collagen as your adipose tissue cells start to release fat into your bloodstream (and that’s just the beginning of the anti-aging benefits for your body). 

Your naked bodies seem to merge as one as you start making out…  

Sensual music is thrumming in the walls and the ergonomic bench with a gentle, yet powerful beat that naturally synchronizes your breath with your lover’s… 

Your secret hideaway is tricked-out with ART (Acoustic Resonance Therapy), featuring a high-end German audio system famous for its base. Yes, a Blaupunkt… and you know what that means… you can feel the beat in your bones… 

In total privacy, you can moan as loud as you want, push your lover up against the wall, cry out in ecstasy, and enjoy your favorite positions… 

You might start by sitting on the bench, spreading your legs wide, and asking him to kneel down and pleasure you orally… 

Once you’ve had a few good orgasms, you have him stand up, draw him close and give him a blow job he’ll never forget…

Before he explodes, you put the accelerator on his arousal just enough to turn around, kneel on the bench and “present” doggie-style…

Then you accelerate his arousal while he puts the pedal to the metal on yours, then just as you’re both nearing climax, you move onto the padded yoga mat on the floor and have at in Missionary style. Then you reach an explosive, simultaneous orgasm.

Go ahead. Put fantasy sauna sex on your bucket list of fantasies… You know you want it! 

But there’s more. What makes fantasy sauna sex super special is the boatload of anti-aging and detoxifying benefits you get while you’re having the best sex of your life! 

That’s right. With a Sulighten Sauna, you can pump up your sex life while you plump up your skin. Sunlighten’s mPulse 3-in-1 infrared saunas help restore skin to a youthful appearance. And who doesn’t want to look and feel younger? 

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Be sure to report back and tell me all about your HOTTEST EROTIC PLAYDATE EVER!! 

See you in the sauna! 

Here are just a few more reasons to consider getting your own Sunlighten infrared sauna. The documented health benefits include: 

  • Reduced inflammation 
  • Detoxification and strengthening of the immune system through sweating 
  • Improved wound healing 
  • Activated cell regeneration
  • Anti-aging and human growth hormones 
  • Increased blood flow and improved heart function 
  • Reduced chronic pain and pain from arthritis 
  • Lowered blood pressure and cortisol (stress hormone) 
  • Improved weight loss and athletic performance 
  • Cognitive and hormonal balance 

Your infrared sauna can give you the “juice” you need to feel awesome, full of energy and lust for life. And you know what that means… better, more intimate relationship and crazy good sex.  

Infrared technology also has a parasympathetic effect, which means it helps the body handle stress better, which speeds up healing. Many people have had great success adding light therapy to their treatment plan for insomnia, depression, and autoimmune disorders. 

All of my biohacker friends recommend Sunlighten saunas and consider it the best home sauna on the market. So consider buying one yourself. Few investments will do more for your health! 

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