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Lead and Mercury Toxins Affect Your Thinking and Energy

Lead and Mercury Toxins Affect Your Thinking and Energy


Mercury fillings, arsenic from eggs and rice, cadmium from smoking and industrial production, thallium from coal-burning and car exhaust, aluminum from pots and cans and deodorant, cesium from nuclear explosions, nickel from dental work, jewelry, car exhaust, and lead from gasoline, makeup and auto exhaust…

What hit me like a ton of bricks when interviewing all the doctor experts for my Sexual Vitality Summit was the prevalence of heavy metals in our bodies slowing down our thinking, zapping our energy, destroying our hormone production and flat out making us feel bad.

I was on the Wendy Myers Detox podcast and I turned the tables on Wendy and asked HER a few questions about heavy metal detoxing. 

She said that before you try to get the metals out of your body you need to get an accurate measurement of how much toxic metal is in your body.

She offers a hair mineral analysis test at a special price and even gives you someone who can explain your results for you. I just ordered mine with the special discount link she gave me. Order yours today so you can get the lead out of your head! 😉

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If you currently battle with your weight, energy, brain fog, mood, or ANY health problem, Wendy’s simple hair test will tell you what’s really happening. 


Hair Mineral Analysis is the quickest and most affordable way to determine if you have heavy metal toxicity and mineral deficiency —which are two of the most primary drivers of disease today. 

Here’s what you’ll get after your hair mineral test: 

  • You’ll learn exactly which heavy metals you have
  • You’ll see your mineral deficiencies and which minerals you need (or don’t need) to supplement. This is what I call the sniper approach to supplementation, as opposed to a shotgun approach. Rather than randomly supplement, it’s much better to supplement only what you need
  • You’ll see your mineral toxicities (yes, some minerals can be toxic in excess!)
  • You’ll discover which minerals and nutrients are out of balance (the ratios can be just as important as the levels)
  • And you’ll discover EXACTLY why you haven’t been able to thrive or get the results you want (yet)

Listen to the podcast where I talk about vaginal rejuvenation with Wendy click here.


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