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Top Doctor’s Secrets To Healing The Gut

Top Doctor’s Secrets To Healing The Gut


Inflammation is the spark that leads to a fiery array of diseases. 

Diseases like allergies, autoimmunity, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and so much more. 

However, recent scientific discoveries reveal and prove that the problem behind a lot of these lies in your gut. 

My friend, Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby calls this the “Fire In The Belly.” 

If your gut is “on fire,” it damages your whole body — exactly like a wildfire.

And even the “healthiest” diets can make you sick. 


Here’s a sneak peek of all the nuggets of life-saving wisdom Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby shares in his book, “Fire In The Belly.” 

  • How to eliminate “fire foods”
  • How to prevent inflammation using proven nutrients and why the intestines are the prime area for these inflammatory outbreaks
  • The diverse and amazing effects of brain inflammation
  • How to rebuild a colony of friendly helpful bacteria, even after you’ve damaged it with antibiotics and unwise eating habits
  • The ultimate probiotic… (it will SURPRISE you!)
  • The one so-called common health habit to avoid that’s killing people in the developed world.
  • Top signs of intestinal fire and how to quench it
  • How to care for your “forgotten organ”
  • Why the symptoms are so different and confusing that most doctors miss the diagnosis

If you think you may have a “Fire In Your Belly,” you may want to get the book and heal your gut for good. 

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