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Penis Pump Results And Measurements

Penis Pump Results And Measurements


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Pumping works! 

And if the last week and a half’s worth of emails didn’t say that enough, here’s an email I received from a reader who’s gushing about his penis pumping results. 

He has even included his measurements. 

His results come from the fact that he has been consistent with his pumping routine, as well as the fact that he’s using the best penis pump brand that I personally recommend. 

Check out his email and my response below. 


“Susan, here are my measurements when I started pumping.  5 and 1/2 inches erect, 4 and 7/8 inches circumference 


After pumping for 12 weeks I now measure 5 and 3/4 inches erect,  5 and 1/4 inches circumference. 


I suppose from lack of use and age that my penis has shrunk quite a bit. 10 years ago I was right a 7 inches when erect and I never measured girth but I know I had to be somewhere between 5 and 3/4 and 6 inches. I’m still fairly thick but not like I used to be. I’m going to keep pumping. 


I will change supplements as you suggested. I understand that L-citrulline-based supplements are better and safer for me than those that are based on L-arginine. 


As far as the semen volumizers are they a waste of money or should I just consume more water and a lot of it? A few years back I came like a fountain but now nearly not as much. I understand that the more semen I ejaculate will increase the contractions thus making the orgasm much more satisfying. I don’t know if that’s true but I know my orgasms years ago were longer and more intense than they are now. 


Susan I know I have asked a lot but I’m just trying to hopefully have better sex and to me, that means harder erections and having those mind-blowing orgasms again. 

Thanks!” —Peter (not his real name) 



Thanks for the metrics! Glad to see your progress. 

L-citrulline is definitely better than L-arginine if you want safer, more effective Nitric Oxide and blood flow improvement. 

Focus on hydration and nutrition for semen volume. 

Why do I love The Whopper so much? 

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