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Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

Reverse Erectile Dysfunction


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I recently got an email from a woman (I’ll call her Mary) whose 45-year-old partner had a heart attack. 

Six years later he is still suffering erectile dysfunction. He has always been an athletic guy but smokes and drinks, and has been eating poorly for most of his life. 

After his heart attack, he started watching his diet, cut back on his smoking from a full pack to half a pack a day, and limited himself to two beers a night. He also sold his business to lower his stress. ED treatments, both oral medications, and injections did not provide a solution and he became very discouraged. But Mary feels they can have a fulfilling sex life whether he gets a strong hard-on or not. 

Mary has an intimate bond with her man that she cherishes but, over time, he has lost all interest in sex. They snuggle and share affectionate touch at night, but sex is simply off the table. She has expressed her desire to be sexual without penetration but, like most men, he equates sex with intercourse and if that’s not happening, he’s just not into it. 

Mary is 44 years old, has had a healthy sexual appetite and misses him touching her in a sexual way. She especially misses oral sex. The last time she mentioned how much she misses making love to him, he said, “I know baby. I’ll try to give you what you want.” She took that to mean he’ll try for her sake but really couldn’t care less. 

Mary is mystified. She doesn’t need him to have an erection to have a wonderful sexual experience. She’s even seen him have an orgasm when his penis is not erect, and she enjoys his body in any state. But lately, it feels like pleasuring her has become a chore for him, and that’s the last thing she wants. 

When they watched my Sexual Vitality Summit they both got really excited about stem cell therapy. That’s when Mary wrote to me. 

I advised her not to pursue stem cell therapy for a couple of reasons. 

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First of all, it’s very expensive and with his smoking and lifestyle, it won’t be a permanent fix. Stem cells are a treatment for hard-luck cases and not the right place to start in their situation. Far better to focus on lifestyle issues that cost next to nothing and address the problem with a holistic approach. 

Here are my specific recommendations for Mary:

  1. Get him to stop smoking. This is of utmost importance, but understand that he’s addicted and may need help. He won’t be able to do it himself so consider the many smoking cessation options. Look into hypnotherapy and nicotine gum. The bottom line; he needs to give it up. 
  2. A couple of beers isn’t nearly as important as getting rid of those cigarettes so I suggest you let him enjoy them. 
  3. Nutrition. Make sure he’s getting plenty of healthy fats and of organic vegetables.
  4. Improved blood flow. Daily walks are key as is supplemental nitric oxide. 

And now for the hands-down best line of defense for reversing erectile dysfunction: GAINSWave treatments. This is key to remediate the tissue in a man’s penis by removing plaque and atherosclerosis caused by smoking. Go to the GAINSWave website and find a practitioner near you. Use my promo code (BETTER) and you’ll get your 7th session free when you pay for 6. (NOTE: Some men need 3 courses of treatment for a total of 18 sessions to completely eliminate ED.)

Last but not least, I advised Mary to start having sensual playdates. I suggested she put it on her calendar at least once a week and preferably more! What’s beautiful about erotic playdates is that he is not required to get a hard-on. And with my program “Expanded Her Orgasm Tonight” she can start to expand her orgasmic potential. 

There are 21 playdates in the Expanded Orgasm program that will make it fun to be sensual together again. These sexy playdates have the added benefit of restoring a man’s confidence that he can get his lover off without a hard-on. And you know what that means? Once the Gainswave treatments start to work, he’ll be that much interested in making love and rekindling your fire TOGETHER. 

This may sound like I’m asking Mary to become Dr. Mom… well, I am. I consider it my role as a woman to make sure my husband is as healthy as possible as we age. Truth be told, with all the breakthroughs in technology, bio-hacking, and medicine these days, there is absolutely no reason why anyone can’t have an amazing sex life into their eighties and beyond. In fact, I plan to break the record for the most sexually active centenarian the Internet has ever seen. 

So get that man’s butt down to a nearby Gainswave practitioner, get his butt out walking every day, and take those darn cigarettes away. Do it for him until he’s healthy enough to do it on his own. 

Follow this plan and you can bring the intimacy between you alive again. Promise! 

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One Comment

  1. Hello, my name is Cristina. I am
    In a similar position as Mary. I would like to ask some advice please thank you. I’m 44 as well, turning 45, single, no children, never been married. I’ve only had one long term committed relationship 5 years ago for 3 years. I’ve always had difficulty meeting someone compatible; I’ve tried through friends, online, and matchmaking companies briefly. I met my ex through a matchmaking company. When I first met him I had my doubts, we were extremely different with not much in common. We dated And fell in love. He was the only man that loved me unconditionally and respected me. We talked, went on dates, he waited for he for 3 months until I was comfortable to be intimate. I was a virgin. Sex was difficult and painful for me. I saw a sex therapist. My first time he was so nervous, he was so gentle and thoughtful and loving. After that he wanted to go fast and hard and I wasn’t comfortable with that. Since the beginning of us dating he wanted to live together. I wasn’t ready, I wanted to get married, he wasn’t ready. He proposed, we moved in together, and then everything changed. We drifted apart, I tried, maybe not hard enough? I Ended the relationship after living with him for a year. We kept in touch, talking for 6 years wondering if we could ever get back together. He’s now all of a sudden stopped talking to me. We’re we just not meant to be? Was he not being his true real honest self with he when we were dating? Our sex life did decrease as well, he said he was going through depression through work stress, I was as well, I tried to keep
    Our sex life active, we wasn’t interested, we cuddled. He turned into a complete stranger I don’t know anymore. He does smoke. He did quit when he dated me because I don’t like smoking, my uncle died of lung cancer. He had a hard time quitting, he tried hypnotherapy . Hey smokes again now and drinks, I don’t drink or smoke. We’re we just not compatible? Thank you, curious

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