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Can I Do My Own Shockwave At Home?

Can I Do My Own Shockwave At Home?

A buddy from Canada asks, “Are the GAINSWave treatments really $400-$600 each? WHO can afford that kind of cost?

There is a company in Canada that sells a home unit that provides the same treatment. They sell for less than $1000. Are you familiar with this product or do you have any suggestions in this regard?”

GAINSWave Treatments

Dearest Buddy,

I totally understand that the costs of a series of GAINSWave treatments are expensive. And the price ranges provider by provider, so it’s worth calling around to get quotes. Also, use my promo code BETTER to get an entire treatment free if that is what you decide to do.

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Put the promo code in the comments section when you fill out the consultation form to get a 7th treatment free if you do decide to go that route. The consults are complimentary. So it’s worth talking to a couple of providers.

To answer your question about whether the home unit is a viable alternative, I’d say no and here’s why.


The devices that GAINSWave providers use cost $25,000-$75,000. They are powerful and can deliver the shockwave deep into the penile arteries and tissue. A less-than-$1000 unit is not going to have the power to truly do the tissue stimulation and to knock off the arterial plaque out of your penis.

Moreover, they are also trained in the procedure that has been tested on thousands upon thousands of happy GAINSWave customers. There are certain ways GAINSWave treatments are administered which is what makes them effective.

They use a certain pressure, depth of wave and specific locations on the penis that you are completely blind to knowing.

Sticking a cheap shockwave knock-off machine on your penis and thinking you’ll get an effective treatment is more like throwing away the money you could use to get the actual treatment done. Cutting corners, especially when you’re talking about your penis and your ability to get hard firm erections seems like too big a risk to me. I would not do it.

Also, there are a bunch of new “home devices” on the market with no clinical trials, no history of success… R.I.S.K.Y.

You DO NOT want to hurt your dick doing something you know nothing about.

Now, if you call around and find that the costs of GAINSWave treatments are simply out of your price range, then do the second best tried-and-true thing you can do to reverse your aging penile tissue:

1) Use

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consistently every other day for 13 weeks.
2) Stop eating ANY broken fats. No fried foods, nothing cooked in oil from restaurants, no feedlot beef. Change your diet to whole foods, organic, pasture-raised, sustainable seafood. Eat a LOT of leafy greens. Use my salad dressing recipe.
3) Get moving. Walk every day. Lift weights.
4) Take 2 capsules of my nitric oxide supplement FLOW every morning, 2 capsules before pumping and 2 capsules before sex.
5) Take 2 capsules of my Libido Vitamin TRIO every day to help with recovery from pumping and give your body the boron, selenium, zinc, vitamin D and folate you need to produce testosterone.

Between changing out the fats that are clogging your arteries, getting your blood flowing with the Nitric Oxide, supporting your overall health and testosterone production with the libido vitamins and pumping every other day, you will be bringing new blood into your penis and increasing your penile carrying capacity.

If you are on any medications, see what you can do to get off of them and go a natural route to healing.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Bottom line? Save your money up for the real deal GAINSWave and let a professional handle this ultra important aspect of your lifetime of happiness.

In the meantime, create a fertile field of a healthy body with the pumping, supplements, nutrition and exercise.



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