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Turn Fat Into Healthy Muscle FASTER

Mitopure is one of my 2022 Holiday Gift Recommendations. Get one as a gift to yourself, and give another to your lover, friend, or family member.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Timeline’s vanilla-flavored Mitopure is finally back in stock after weeks of being sold out. 

This powder or pill gives you the same effect as working out! I kid you not. And it’s backed by MAJOR research from many different academic and health organizations. My friend Dave Asprey says this is one of the top 5% of all biohacking strategies you can do to live longer and in more health. And I LOVE this protein powder, though you can get it in pill form or in a raspberry or ginger drink.

Let’s talk about Mitophagy. 

You may have heard me talk about another similar-sounding word, autophagy. 

Autophagy is your body’s spring cleaning to dispense old, damaged, and abnormal cells. Quality sleep, detoxing in a sauna, intermittent fasting, and senolytics encourage autophagy.

Mitophagy is simply autophagy with our mitochondrial cells. Think of it as the “quality control” mechanism of our mitochondria.

And if you remember, back in school, we learned that the mitochondria are the powerhouse or the “power plant” of our cells. It creates most of the energy we need to live our lives.

As we age, our mitochondria don’t produce as much energy. The less healthy our mitochondria are, the more cancer, degenerative disease, cardiovascular disease, and age-related muscle decline (sarcopenia) we experience.

We shrink before our own eyes. We wither and desiccate.

So how do we keep our mitochondrial cellular batteries fully charged for a life full of vitality?

New mitochondria are created by biogenesis, where new healthy mitochondria are regenerated by our cells and then fused with existing healthy ones.

Research suggests that this critical process declines as we age, implying that our ability to create healthy mitochondria to support our energy demands diminishes. Inducing mitophagy may be one way to reverse this reduction in function. 

I am thrilled to tell you about a supplement I’ve used to build new solid muscles and engender mitophagy. It’s called Urolithin-A. A Swiss company called Time-Line Nutrition has an excellent product backed with SIGNIFICANT clinical data and research that I’ve been taking for the last six months to build muscle and improve my energy.

At a health conference, I met a representative and was able to secure you a discount on this supplement:

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There are three options for taking Mitopure.

  1. There’s a capsule, which I use when traveling. 
  2. There’s a berry powder you can mix in water or yogurt. 
  3. A protein shake tastes so darn delicious that I can’t wait to get up in the morning and mix it in my smoothie.

Your muscles are part of your endocrine system. Strong muscles are the best thing you can do to be healthy and increase your health span.

Taking whey or protein powder is a great idea. Adding Mitopure to your regime means seeing more muscle growth in less time. This is JUST AS IMPORTANT FOR WOMEN as men.

Our muscles begin aging as early as our 30s. Exercise promotes longevity for our cells, mitochondria included. The most effective, according to studies, is high-intensity interval training. 

That’s where nutrients like Mitopure come in to help save the day. 

Mitochondria — the powerhouses of our cells — are central to muscle function. The clinical trial data on their website shows that Mitopure significantly improves muscle endurance by recycling and renewing your body’s mitochondria.

Mitopure is a nutrient developed by some brilliant researchers and scientists to help bring back the power in our aging mitochondria. 

Improve your cellular health even with Mitopure’s simplest form just to see how great your body would feel with the effects. 

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Not sure which one you want? Try the sample pack first:

build muscle faster

This is me with one of my two trainers Surya. I work out every day, even when I don’t feel great. We come up with a workout that takes into consideration whatever is going on with me. Sometimes I’m a beast. Occasionally I have hurty parts.

A great trainer keeps you healthy and off medications. It’s the gift of longevity. I took this picture while doing 100 beach steps up and down. We take them as singles, doubles, side to side like skaters, and backward.

I have my Mitopure smoothie before my workout. I relish it!

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