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How to Eliminate Nerves Around Women (Without Getting Drunk)

There’s nothing worse than first-date nerves… or being nervous around women in general. Because when you feel like this, it KILLS your chance of ever finding happiness.

Then, you don’t approach women because you’re worried you’ll fumble, sweat, and make a fool of yourself (and get publicly rejected.)

You don’t ask women out that you’ve been chatting to online because you’re terrified of what they might think of you and, again, getting rejected.

And when you DO finally get the courage to go on a date, you pour so much booze down your throat that you end up screwing it all up and looking like a drunk… and she’s gone.

Look, every guy has their reasons for feeling nervous around women.

It can be challenging, maybe even nerve-wracking, for single men to find, meet, and date women face to face, especially if they are not used to interacting with attractive women. 

Men around gorgeous women may feel intimidated or nervous, making it difficult for them to make a good impression. This can be especially true if the man is shy or has low self-confidence. 

Famous dating and seduction expert, Richard LaRuina, is practically giving away all his confidence and conversational seduction secrets. 

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There are a few things that men can do to help eliminate nerves when they are around beautiful ladies and increase their chances of scoring a date. 

First, it can be helpful to focus on the present moment and not get too caught up in the future or the outcome of the interaction. Instead of worrying about what might happen or the other person’s thoughts, try to be fully present and engaged in the conversation.

Another helpful tip is to practice relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or progressive muscle relaxation, to help calm the nerves. It can also be beneficial to engage in activities that boost self-confidence, such as exercise or hobbies that allow you to feel competent.

Finally, try to approach dating and interacting with women as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than as a high-pressure situation. The more comfortable and relaxed you are, the better your chances of making a good impression and scoring a date. 

There are more profound, more masterful techniques Richard has in store for you. 

Deep, inner game stuff. 

Getting beautiful women into bed — or just out on a date — is a lot easier when you feel confident and have something about yourself that women will feel attracted to (not psychical stuff.)

Forget all the pick-up lines, techniques, and games.

That stuff is lame… we hate it… and it makes your nerves ten times worse because you feel like an actor trying to remember his lines all the damn time.

Doesn’t work.

Here’s what DOES work:

Learn how to be a more confident and charismatic guy.

That’s it.

If you figure out how to do this, you’ve cracked the code, my friend.

Women will start pursuing you.

You’ll be less needy (and more attractive as a result.)

You’ll have way more fun in life (not just with women.)

Richard has become one of the most popular and effective dating coaches for men the world has seen in the past two decades.

He’s regularly featured in major media publications and national TV shows, talking about his revolutionary methods for men to attract women.

And you know why his stuff works so well?

Because he doesn’t focus on pick-up lines or any of the usual attraction tactics.

Instead, Richard focused on the “inner game” — the stuff you can change right now to make yourself more attractive to women…

…so they flock to you and do all the hard work trying to get you into bed instead of you chasing them.

If you’re tired of feeling nervous around women and feel it’s stopping you from enjoying your life as a red-blooded male, Richard’s new book will be a huge “AHA!” moment in your life.

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