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Can You Stay Active And Independent Even After 50? 

With age comes experience and wisdom. 

And sadly, slow declines of physical and mental robustness… 

You have to fight aging with all you have, which includes weight-lifting, strength training, body-building, resistance bands, cross fit, HIIT, and any and all workouts you can muster.

This is a picture of me pushing a “sled” during my daily exercise. I travel about 30% of the time, which means I miss the gym. Often I am also nursing injuries… my elbow tendons which I am healing using PRP… now a Grade 2 MCL sprain from a fall skiing.

It feels like the task of Sysphus to stay strong now that I’m in my sixties. I just keep AT IT.

I have a “cheat” I use in my morning smoothies called Urolithin-A. It helps build muscle faster and supports mitophagy. Mitophagy is easily described as keeping the cells of your muscle tissue in good repair.

Timeline Nutrition out of Switzerland makes three versions of Urolithin-A. You can take their supplements, you can use their drink powder or you can use their whey protein.

Personally, I LOVE the vanilla flavor of the Mitopure + Protein version. I throw so many healthy things in my smoothie that it can taste a little weird. Their vanilla powder resets the taste back to DELICIOUS.

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You need a lot of protein to build muscle. I take two packets a day of Mitopure + Protein. Urolithin A is a natural compound that is found in some foods like pomegranates, strawberries, and nuts. When we eat these foods, our gut bacteria can break down their compounds into Urolithin A.

Urolithin A can help promote healthy muscle function by growing new muscle cells and improving muscle quality, which may help combat age-related muscle loss. And Urolithin A has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflammation and the risk of chronic disease.

If you are concerned about aging and maintaining good health, Urolithin A may offer a potential solution to these ongoing problems. 

Imagine a life where you can maintain your independence, stay active, and avoid the debilitating effects of age-related muscle loss and chronic inflammation.

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