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CBD: The Surprise Ingredient For Sexual Health?

The world of wellness is vast and always evolving. 

Lately, my curiosity has been piqued by the fusion of CBD and vaginal lubricants. 

Picture it: the calming benefits of CBD harmoniously melded with the sleek indulgence of safe, body-friendly lubes—it’s as if nature herself whipped up this intimate cocktail. 

In our ever-evolving quest for natural and holistic health solutions, particularly for our sexual wellness, we must appreciate what we’re inviting into our bodies. Choosing the right product can make or break experiences and cater to our health needs. 

Recently, I received an email from ‘Miriam’ (not her real name). She voiced her concerns regarding a coconut oil-based CBD vaginal lubricant. 

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“I was thinking about trying a CBD vaginal lubricant. I’m not allergic, but would coconut oil cause any issues internally? As the lubricant is coconut oil based. Any help would be greatly appreciated.” — Miriam (not her real name)

Hi Miriam,

I generally do not recommend coconut oil as a lubricant. It’s an unrefined oil with antibacterial properties. Some women find it disrupts their vaginal microbiome. It is especially problematic for women with low estrogen, which depletes the natural glycogen that good bacteria eat. The fungus also seems to bloom with coconut oil for women prone to candida or yeast overgrowths. I used to recommend avocado, sweet almond, or jojoba oil as a natural lubricant… 

Until I found FORIA.

You can safely use the FORIA Awaken Arousal Oil, Sex Oil, and Melts with CBD. Though they are made with MCT oil—which comes from coconut oil—FORIA’s MCT Oil has been refined so the proteins and other problematic components are filtered out. As a bonus, you get the medium-chain triglycerides of MCT oil, which your brain uses as fuel. Talk about a good mind-body connection. 

The CBD in FORIA are phytocannabinoids from the hemp plant. Plant-based CBD, CBG, and CBN mimic the body’s endocannabinoid healing system. Endo means endogenous or made in the body. When you apply CBD to your vulva and vagina (outside and inside), it increases the activation of CB2 sensitivity in the tissue receptors in your genitals.  When your CB2 receptors are activated, it feels good. This sends a feel-good signal to your limbic system. Your limbic system is the part of the brain that manages primarily emotional feelings. Appreciation, joy, and pleasure across the spectrum of unpleasant and painful.

The FORIA intimacy products let the limbic system know that pleasure is happening. When your nerve synapses fire, they trigger a release of your retrograde neurotransmitters or endocannabinoids. The primary type is called anandamide. In laywoman’s terms, this is called the bliss hormone. 

The beautiful thing about CBD is that it stimulates the pleasure healing system of the body. And it’s a virtuous cycle. Once you start the pleasure cascade, you enter into orgasmic bliss. Once you have one orgasm, it’s easier to achieve the next and then the next and then the next. And these Quantum Orgasms can begin stacking and expanding in sensation and bliss. Given enough time and pleasure, the only thing that stops the bliss is needing to take a break and rest!

That’s why I love the FORIA CBD-based system:

  • Awaken Arousal Oil
  • Sex Oil
  • Intimacy and Relief Melts
  • CBD Vape Pen

First, apply the Awaken Arousal Oil on your mucosal tissue to be absorbed into the bloodstream: Inner labia, clitoral hood, shaft and glans, urethral exit, vaginal opening, and inside the vagina. 

Allow that to soak in.

Then apply the Sex Oil over the top as much as you want as often as you want. It’s so clean you could drink it.

If you need more lubrication internally, add the Intimacy Melts. If I’m having intercourse, I pop one in before we begin lovemaking. One suppository up inside will increase your lubrication substantially. Their Relief Melts have double the CBD, and their Booty Melts add jojoba oil for a more slip-less grip.

The endocannabinoid or eCS system is the master healing system of the body. Combining MCT oil, CBD, and other phytochemicals from essential oils and cacao butter is a beautiful, healthy, natural blend. And FORIA’s ethos matches my values with its sustainable and regenerative production.

I encourage you to enjoy these products as much as I do. They also have a CBD vape pen, which I use when sleeping.

Here are the links:

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