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I’m Smoking Lingerie and Lube

I just got four adorable lingerie outfits from Dreamgirl. They generally have sizing that fits a giant-ess like me. This cute western outfit was too small, but the pink lingerie I’m wearing in the photo below is also Dreamgirl.

My female fans often ask where I get the things I wear. I have no affiliation with the company but I like their stuff.

Lingerie can be so much fun. My husband ADORES it when I wear these sexy outfits. Not only does he like how they look, it’s a signal to him that I’m ready for lovin’.

I took this cowgirl outfit over to my boyfriend’s house for his other girlfriend. It’ll look adorable on her tiny little’ torso. And I gave him Melts, Awaken, and Sex Oil – that’s my PleasureProtocol. Plus I gave him Breast Oil. I honestly think the Breast Oil is his favorite Foria product. He loves to give me nipplegasms with it. And I swear, just smelling it turns me on. But when he touches me with my breasts and nipples slick with that Breast Oil, it feels WAY better than with any other oil I’ve ever used. 

The Breast Oil is magnificent! As is the entire product range. I just love using all of these items when we make love.

Watch my short video here or read the directions on the page to learn how to create this erotic adventure in your bedroom.

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