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Steps To Relaxing For Maximum Orgasms

There are two parts to this issue. One, we women get stressed out and it becomes a way of life. The adrenaline from the day makes for a restless night. Then sex feels like too much of a chore. 

Have your partner help break the cycle by helping you relax without feeling pressure to have sex of any kind.

A woman’s body needs to be calmed down so she can remember what it’s like to want pleasure.

Unlimited sensual massages are the answer.

I recommend the Laya III tool and the Pleasure Protocol intimacy oils. And here is an article that describes the concept.

Once you get her looking forward to her vulva massages, she will be much more likely to start having orgasms from them. Once she has one, more will follow. She will break through her limited mindset about her orgasmic capacity. You can begin stroking her clitoris and her G-Spot and finding all sorts of places on her vulva that feel good and give her orgasms.

First, lie her down and relax her with the Laya III and the Pleasure Protocol. Be goalless.

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