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Things You Should Know About Jade Egg Exercises

Things You Should Know About Jade Egg Exercises

Have you heard of the “jade egg?”

It’s a little egg-shaped piece of stone that a woman puts up inside her vaginal canal to tone and lubricate her vagina.

Women use them to help with incontinence (leaking urine) as well as strengthening the pelvic muscles to increase orgasmic contractions.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s website, Goop, has come under fire from a gynecologist for recommending jade eggs.

So I sought the advice of the most qualified, experienced and renowned expert on Jade Eggs, my friend, Saida Desilets.


I have one of Saida’s eggs made from real Jade.

She actually owns a giant boulder of Jade from a Canadian mine.

That’s how she knows the source is pure.

One of the problems with Jade Eggs is that there are a lot of imposters that are not real Jade and therefore have overly porous qualities that make them difficult to keep sanitary.

I called Saida this morning and asked her to write up the facts for us about Jade Eggs. Here’s what she said…


∗ A Jade Egg does not have the power to make your pain, trauma or sexual or emotional issues go away. However, by understanding how to properly use a Jade Egg, I’ve been able to demonstrate real (and amazing) effects on a woman’s psycho-sexual well-being.

∗ When you first get your Jade Egg from me, it is safe to boil your egg (if it’s real, pure Jade like mine) to sanitize it. Then, it’s essential to rinse it under warm-hot tap water after every use. If you are prone to infections, soaking it in water with a few drops of tea tree oil or grapefruit seed extract is also great. Make sure you rinse the egg before reinserting.

∗  There are no known toxic shock syndrome issues associated with the use of Jade Eggs. This claim is based on an assumption, not on fact and research.

∗  Jade Eggs don’t have the power to give us better orgasms. Proper use of a Jade Egg IS known to result in women having greater orgasms and a greater variety of orgasms, but that is due to how the Jade Egg is used, not the egg itself. That’s why JUST wearing it doesn’t really give many results, except for added vaginal lubrication.

∗  Not every one can use the Jade Egg. It’s strongly advised for pregnant women or women with any sexual imbalance not to use the Jade Egg.

What you can do:

∗  Purchase a real, pure Nephrite Jade Egg from only a GIA certified source like Saida Desilets. Follow her video instructions on how to use it for maximum effect. She is the world’s leader in Jade Egg use for women.

∗  Make sure there is a hygienic protocol and basic guidance that comes with your Jade Egg like Saida offers.

∗  Go slowly. Your body will be learning a new skill, developing new awareness, and building new neural pathways. This takes time. If you are in a rush, this practice is not for you.

∗  The truth about the Jade Egg practice is in how you practice. By understanding your own nature as a psycho-sexual being, you’ll make leaps and bounds in your intimate relationship with yourself, your body and your pleasure. Saida’s video series and instruction book help you use the Jade Egg effectively.

Saida’s Recommendation:

“As with anything that is worthy, receiving proper guidance from a trusted authority can really ensure success as you explore the Jade Egg training. I’ve created a step-by-step playbook that guides you through the first two weeks with your Jade Egg.”

What’s Included:

Saida’s book, The Emergence of the Sensual Woman, A GENUINE GIA certified Canadian Nephrite Jade Egg & The Jade Goddess Practice CD.


A 2 week step-by-step Playbook that leads you through a daily, 10-minute (minimum) practice along with a sample PDF of Saida’s book to get you started while you wait for your physical book to arrive.

13 Practice Videos that show you exactly how-to do each practice so you achieve instant success.

It’s the perfect mini-immersion program to get you successfully started.

The program itself is held on a Password Protected Membership site where you can watch the training online.

Bottom line?

Be careful of imposters. Saida is for real. She cares. She’s devoted her life to helping women fix incontinence, increase their lubrication, and get in touch with their vaginal musculature to increase their orgasmic pleasure.

Get a real, true Jade Egg from the world’s leading authority.

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The egg has a hole drilled through so you can tie unwaxed, unflavored dental floss through it, and a little string hangs out of your vagina so you can pull it out easily.

I just stick my clean fingers up inside and grab it… but it does come with the hole. Just FYI.

And if you have any questions, reply to this email and I will answer them for you.

The Jade Egg is so cool!


  1. Hello and thank you for this article! I have congestion in my lower abdomen from a lifetime of endometriosis, interstitial cystitis of the bladder, and myofascial adhesions and trauma from many years of physical abuse from an older angry sibling. I’ve worked on these issues for decades now and am so very much better on all accounts. I am already multi-orgasmic and do not struggle with enough vaginal lubrication or urine leakage.
    I’m wondering if there is any info for using the jade egg to relieve lower abdominal or lower jiao stagnation from the Chinese medicine perspective. I am interested in attracting the right life partner and manifesting a home of my own and financial abundance, all of which I’m told are connected to the root chakra. I’m curious if a jade egg practice would help me with these issues as well and if so, what do I need to do differently for these intentions. Thanks for any help!

  2. Sex is a Ginius and God gifted. Experience is telling that education on sex is utmost necessery. At least 70 %women are not satisfied with sex. Money is loss nothing loss. But happiness is enough. We earn money mainly for food and nothing else. God bless all.

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