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Masterful Techniques Course Overview

Welcome to Masterful Techniques Program!

This program is a culmination of hundreds of hours of coursework, training and facilitation with world-class leaders. This body of knowledge will teach you how to free yourself from debilitating fear and anxiety, forever. By practicing the techniques outlined in this product, you will experience the life-changing benefits hundreds, thousands, millions of others already know.

Start Here Guide – Read This First!
Masterful Techniques – Start Here Guide

The 5 Masterful Techniques eBook will immerse you in the background, philosophy, and functionality of each of the techniques. Each unique method in this program is powerful in it’s own right; when used in conjunction, the techniques provide the backbone for a life of calm, clear, loving interactions founded in truth and emotional strength. I will teach you how and
when to use each of the techniques as well as how to troubleshoot issues that may arise. I have condensed the most essential information of each techniques in one comprehensive, easy to read eBook.

5 Masterful Techniques eBook

Once you have read through the 5 Masterful Techniques eBook. Watch the video demonstrations to
give you step-by-step instruction on how to do the 5 Masterful Techniques (minus Compassionate
Communication). You will learn at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home how to incorporate
these transformational practices into your life.

4 Video Tutorials:
Video #1 How To Meditate
Video #2 Emotional Freedom Techniques
Video #3 Alternate Nostril Breathing
Video #4 Tonglen Method

After watching the video tutorials, you may proceed to listening the audio lessons. The audio
lessons are downloadable mp3’s you can listen to anywhere, anytime. They are designed to give
you practical background information direct from the masters, including examples of common
scenarios that may relate to your own life. The audio lessons give you more content and examples
to work with after you watch the video demonstrations.

20 Audio Lessons:
Audio #1 Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
Audio #2 Overview of Emotional Freedom Techniques
Audio #3 Practice Example – Fear of Change
Audio #4 Practice Example: Fear About Money

Audio #5 Overview of the Art of Compassionate Communication
Audio #6 Role Play with Compassionate Communication

Audio #7 How the Family Can Affect the Individual

Audio #8 Buddhist Master, Tröma Rinpoche Kali Ma on Meditation
Audio #9 Buddhist Master, Tröma Rinpoche Kali Ma describing Alternate Nostril Breathing
Audio #10 Buddhist Master, Tröma Rinpoche Kali Ma on The Important Role Nutrition Plays

Audio #11 Meditation Practice, 10 minutes, Focus on the Breath
Audio #12 Meditation Practice, 10 minutes, Focus on Counting
Audio #13 Meditation Practice, 10 minutes, Focus on the Double Count
Audio #14 Meditation Practice, 10 minutes, Focus on the breath
Audio #15 Meditation Practice, 30 minutes, Counting to 21

Audio #16 Guided Visualization for Learning How to Ground Energy
Audio #17 Guided Visualization for Learning to Relax Your Body
Audio #18 Guided Visualization for Discovering the Wisdom of Your Shadow
Audio #19 Guided Visualization for Connecting with Your Spirit Self
Audio #20 Guided Visualization using a Family Constellation process

Self-Mastery Workbook:
Workbook #2 Self-Mastery Workbook

Also included in this product are fantastic Bonus interviews in downloadable mp3 format, you can
listen to anytime, anywhere. These are a few of my favorite episodes from “Just for Women: Dating,
Relationships and Sex,” my weekly internet radio show. These leading personal empowerment
experts offer their spot-on guidance in service of your growth and development.

5 Bonus Interviews:
Bonus Audio #21 Interview with Best Selling Author, Debbie Ford
Bonus Audio #22 Interview with Financial Expert, Barbara Stanny
Bonus Audio #23 Interview with Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, Kate Winch
Bonus Audio #24 Interview with Career Crisis Expert, Kathy Caprino
Bonus Audio #25 Interview with Nutrition Expert, Andrea Albright