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Fast Weight Loss Course Overview

Welcome to Fast Weight Loss program!

This program is a culmination of wisdom gleaned from my personal experiences, field work, and study of the best teachings I have come across from around the world.

This course will teach you how to break free from the obstacles that lie between your current reality and the body of your dreams. By following the recommendations in this product, you will experience how transforming your body can be a pleasurable adventure.

Start Here Guide – Read This First!
Fast Weight Loss – Start Here Guide

Let us start by watching the main videos for this program. Four(4) Fast Weight Loss videos are included that will help you to attain a beautiful body. You are going to learn the tips from exercise, to fat burning carbs and ways on how to achieve a flat belly. These videos are also accompanied by a supplementary work sheets.

Fast Weight Loss Video Library:
Video 1: Unleashing Body Wisdom for Effortless Weight Loss
Video 2: Why Stress Fattens and Pleasure Flattens: the Fast Track to a Flat Belly
Video 3: The Most Essential Foods for Flattening Your Belly and How to Make Them Taste Mouth- Watering
Video 4: How to Lose Weight Without Trying: Exercise Tips and More

Worksheets Accompanying Videos:
Work Sheet 1 – The Foundation: Your Body is an Animal
Work Sheet 2 – The Yin and Yang of Weight Loss
Work Sheet 3 – How to Eat for a Flat Belly
Work Sheet 4 – How to Lose Weight Without Even Trying: Exercise Tips and More

The program also provided five(5) effective kitchen videos that will help you in your life to have
a fast weight loss and healthy diet.

Kitchen Video Library:
Kitchen Video 1: Fat Burning Carbs for a Flat Belly
Kitchen Video 2: Why Protein is a Must for Your Fat-Burning Lifestyle
Kitchen Video 3: How to Soothe an Emotional Eating Attack
Kitchen Video 4: Make Your Sugar Cravings Disappear and Watch the Pounds Fall Off
Kitchen Video 5: Pantry Secrets for Making Healthy Food Taste Delicious

Weight loss secrets are exposed in this program. Four(4) worksheets has been provided to reveal the secret ways on perfect diet to achieve weight loss.

Weight Loss Secrets Worksheets:
How to Up-level Your Pantry, for Automatic Mindless Weight Loss
Fast Weight Loss Journaling Guide
All The Sweets You Want Without the Fat Gain
Fast, Easy, Delicious Recipes for Permanent Weight Loss

Included as part of the Fast Weight Loss Program are six(6) interviews
with experts in their field, to provide an effective way on how to lose weight. Each
coach offers their best tips for living a healthy diet and life. Use the six interviews
to guide and supplement your work with the Fast Weight Loss Program.

Interview with the Pleasure Experts:
Fast Weight Loss Interview 1: Mama Gena
Fast Weight Loss Interview 2: Marc David
Fast Weight Loss Interview 3: Marie Forleo
Fast Weight Loss Interview 4: Neon
Fast Weight Loss Interview 5: Renee Stephens
Fast Weight Loss Interview 6: Eve Colantoni