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Free Intimacy Audit from Sex Therapist Heather Shannon

If you’re feeling disconnected in your relationship, you might want to try this tool crafted by my friend and colleague, Heather Shannon. Heather is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist—a distinction held by fewer than 1,000 psychotherapists worldwide. 

The Intimacy Audit is a self-directed plan full of insights for couples looking to regain intimacy and connection. It helps you reflect on how you truly want to feel with your partner.

Listen, you’re not alone… Many couples find themselves in a similar situation, searching for ways to reignite intimacy and passion. Here’s some good news: the path to reconnecting might be closer than you think. 



Why The Intimacy Audit Is Different

Our sex lives are complex landscapes, often navigated in silence and without a map. The Intimacy Audit offers you immediate clarity and insights, shining a light on the unseen obstacles in your relationship and illuminating the path forward. Just knowing what’s been holding you back can be a huge relief and the first step towards a deeper connection. Developed from Heather’s extensive experience working with couples, this course is designed to help you diagnose and understand the common patterns that lead to disconnect. It’s about no longer spinning your wheels and instead empowering you to start making informed decisions on how to make things better.

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Who’s It For?

  • If you’ve found yourself thinking your relationship’s sexual challenges are just how things will be…
  • If you’ve ever felt alone in not understanding why your sex life with your partner isn’t what it used to be…
  • Or if you’re simply craving a deeper connection with your sweetie but don’t know where to start…

Then, my friend, this is for you.

Who’s It Not For?

  • It’s not for those looking for a quick fix without deeper reflection.
  • It’s not for single people looking to find a new partner
  • It’s not for people who can’t set aside 30 minutes to invest in their sex life improving

Participants in The Intimacy Audit often express a profound sense of relief and enlightenment. They report discovering clarity about their intimate lives that they’ve never had before, leading to transformative conversations and a renewed sense of connection with their partners.

The Transformation Awaits

Imagine finally understanding the root causes of your intimacy challenges. From uncovering how societal pressures shape our sexual experiences to navigating personal and relational obstacles, this course offers clarity and empowerment. You’ll learn not just to identify what’s going wrong but how to pave the way for genuine, fulfilling connections.

Here’s the thing: Heather’s insights come from her professional expertise and personal journey. She’s lived through the challenges and triumphs of rediscovering intimacy, making her guidance relatable and grounded in reality.

Why Now?

Because waiting won’t make things better. Because understanding is the first step toward change, and because your relationship deserves the chance to flourish in every way.

Ready to Dive In?


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today and start your journey toward a deeper, more fulfilling intimate life. Don’t let this opportunity pass by. The Intimacy Audit is available for free for a limited time only. Begin your journey towards enriched intimacy today.

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Take care and here’s to deeper connections!

If you’re wondering what happens AFTER you diagnose your sex life issues–fear not! Participants in The Intimacy Audit will also be sent directed emails including helpful resources and next steps!

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