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Multi Orgasmic Lover Course Overview


Welcome to Multi-Orgasmic Lover! Let’s get going…

You’re about to embark on a journey. This journey is going to take you to some amazing places. You’re about to explore sexual territories that few men ever get to explore.

Here’s just some of what you’re about to learn:

  • How to deeply connect with yourself and your partner.
  • How to bring more raw power and masculinity to your lovemaking.
  • How to last as long as you want in bed.
  • How to have multiple, full body orgasms.
  • How to experience different types of orgasms.
  • How to be spontaneous and self-expressed in bed.
  • How to invite openness and surrender from your woman.
  • And a lot more …
Are you ready to get started?

The Multi-Orgasmic Lover manual is your road map for the entire course. We recommend printing out the manual and following along as you progress. Start by reading the manual all the way up to the end of Module 1.

Use the manual to …

  • Physically and mentally prepare for the course.
  • Preview upcoming modules.
  • Take notes on your experiences as you go through the training.
  • Keep track of what exercises and homework assignments to do.

Multi-Orgasmic Lover Manual

After downloading and printing the Manual, proceed to the Course Modules.

Multi-Orgasmic Lover Course Modules

Download Your Bonuses:

Here is your Multi-Orgamic Lover Course BONUS MAP, use this MAP as your guide on were the various contents of the “bonus packs” (ex: ME Breath Pack, Jet Pack, Wild at Heart Pack, etc.) are located in the course modules and bonuses.

Multi-Orgasmic Lover Course BONUS MAP