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Get Rid of “Zombie” Senescent Cells For Longevity

As you get older, it’s common to start accumulating old, worn-out cells called senescent cells.  

They’re also called “zombie cells” because they linger in our bodies long after they’re doing anything to support our health. 

Almost like old leaves on a plant that need to be pruned off. 

As we age, our bodies can waste more and more energy and nutrients on these zombie cells that give us no health benefits in return. 

If our bodies waste resources on these zombie cells, we can become less efficient at the normal repair and maintenance of healthy cells and tissues of the body.*

This can lead to age-related symptoms like: 

  • Longer workout recovery times. 
  • General lingering aches and discomfort.* 
  • Decreased physical and mental energy. 
  • And the general “middle-aged” feeling.

A great senolytic supplement can be thought of almost like a bodily cleanse for the aging process to address the most negative aspects of aging.*

And a great senolytic supplement can be taken just a couple days a month (just as you’d only prune a plant occasionally.*)

The EASY Way To Get Great Senolytic Nutrition In Your Diet:

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recently debuted, and it is way beyond anything on the market right now in providing comprehensive senolytic support for your diet.* 

It’s a non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free formula with 7 great senolytic ingredients (+ 2 additional complementary ingredients), such as: 

  • Fisetin (A flavonol found in certain fruits and vegetables such as persimmon and strawberry that supports tissue by helping with pruning of stressed cells.)* 
  • Piperlongumine (An extract from the long-pepper plant of Asia that promotes senolytic and immune functions to help support stressed cells)* 
  • Quercefit® (A bioabsorbable form of quercetin to support the pruning of stressed cells and healthy changes to their behavior and characteristics.)*
  • Senactiv® (A patented blend of notoginseng root and chestnut rose hips that supports exercise recovery and management of senescent cells in muscle.)* 

Simply put, if you care about aging well, take Qualia Senolytic.

The difference it can make to many of those age-related symptoms listed earlier is flat-out remarkable. 

And since this product is very new, an amazing deal exists on it right now for a limited time. 

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]Get Qualia Senolytic Buy 1 Get 1 FREE + FREE Shipping Here [/am4show

I take this supplement two days a month, along with Dasatinib and NAD+. On those days, I skip my high protein breakfasts and eat early in the evening and get a long sleep. 

Qualia has the highest quality supplements in the aggregate senolytics category.

If you’re focused on staying young and vital, try a commitment to senolytics too.

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