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Fantasy Fishbowl – Inside Peek at Sexy Party Fantasies

In Dr. Patti’s latest eBook, Her Sexual Trainer: Unlock Her Most Intense Sensual Responses, she teaches you how to uncover your woman’s fantasies and use that as a basis for creating intimacy and turn-on together.

Much of the eBook deals with his fantasies versus her fantasies, how to make it safe to share fantasies and how to pleasantly integrate your fantasies into your sex life.

I laughed when I saw her offer up a game called Fantasy Fishbowl. Because that’s a game we play at our sensual parties at our house. Dr. Patti’s is different, but we have the same name for our games – I guess great minds think alike!

I can’t reveal Dr. Patti’s game, it wouldn’t be fair. You should just buy her amazing ebook and companion audio book (hell, just spring for the whole Seduction Trilogy!) and enjoy the games and fantasy exercises.

But I CAN tell you about the game WE play at our parties.

First, I have AMAZING friends. When you see what they write in this game, you will be blown away. I may be the luckiest woman in the world with the hottest, juiciest friends.

We get together and write our sexual fantasies for the night down on paper. We throw them into a big glass flower vase. Then we sit in a circle and pass around the vase, grab a random fantasy and read it out loud to the group. It’s doubtful you’ll pull your fantasy, so you get to read one of your friend’s fantasies aloud.

Everyone who thinks that fantasy is something they might do, given the right mix of people and circumstances, raises their hand.

That way, the person who wrote that fantasy can see who might be interested in doing it and if it’s within the realm of possibility. It tends to kick start the evening beautifully.

At our parties, most people raise their hands for most of these…


Here we go.

Fishbowl Fantasies from a recent sensual party at my house:

❣ I desire to have one guy make love to me (really slowly & deliciously) while I enjoy the other man’s lovely penis at the same time (really slowly and deliciously) in a couple of different positions.

❣ A-Frame: I’d like to have a 3some – 2 women and 1 man – where the man lays down and one woman sits on his member and the other woman sits on his face and they can make out while one is riding him and the other is writhing on his face.

❣ It would be great to watch another man DO* a woman and share about what he’s doing.

❣ Kissing exploration with an intensely kinesthetic woman after taking a molecule that slows time down 100,000 times…

❣ Put some guys in the middle sitting and have all the women masturbate in a circle around them. Some guys might get squirted on 🙂

❣ My sweetie bringing me a stream of turned-on women (who GOT turned on by making out with her) and we are in a cozy, sensual tent.

❣ Cuddle with men and women in a tender, loving pile.

❣ A woman has a guy of her choosing give her a lap dance; she can request the level of dress or undress that he gets.

❣ Have two men adoring me and saying things I love.

❣ I enjoy having my cock treated roughly… when a woman slaps it on herself or tugs on it to make it hard in her desire to just have it… yummy.

❣ I have always wanted a woman to squirt all over my face the way a man can squirt, so it drips on my lips.

❣ A woman sucking off two men.

❣ Three way kiss. (thrissing)

❣ A man fingering two women in doggie-style position.

❣ Make love without touching.

❣ I’d like to have many ejaculatory orgasms and deep fucking.

❣ Move your conscious cock across my G-Spot continuously while I cum.

❣ It would be really fun to cuddle for 5 minutes with someone of the opposite sex.

❣ Two women fighting over a guy’s cock.

❣ I’d like to play “kissing” – spin the bottle with a group of men and women.

I have more, MORE, MORE Fishbowl Fantasies here but they are edgy! Caution!

Until then, be good to women.

NOTE: *DO means “deliberate orgasm.” This is another term for Expanded Orgasm, Orgasmic Meditation etc. This is what Dr. Patti teaches in her Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program.

The Seduction Trilogy ⇐ Keys To Seduction Are Now Yours.

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13 Responses

  1. What a fun game and what awesome fantasies – even the just cuddling ones! And great comments too. I especially agree with the comment that I wish I had friends like that.

  2. I’ve never been to a party of a sexual nature but wow it sure sounds like fun! It made me think that my lover and I could write fantasies on pieces of paper and draw 1 or more to play out …to change things up.

  3. in Africa we do this but between couple the husband is to write in small papers fuck me doggy or my legs on shoulders or i will stride you then the wife is to select one paper. it sex fun

  4. It wasn’t always clear to me which gender submitted which fantasy. It would make a difference. I’m with Sushil (above) as I also would be very interested in the edgy fantasies that are more daring and more unusual. Bring ’em on!

  5. Interesting fantasies of FISH BOWL,but sorry to say these are all common, I would like to have those in your hidden bowl and are new and uncommon,really i would like to enjoy them personally.

  6. Oh wow…. so … so hot. I want more things like that coming on my mail…. and yeah I will ask also…. where I can find friends like that, who will want to do that things to me, and to whom I will do it…hoo, is it hot in here?

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