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Masterful Interviews Course Overview

Welcome to the Masterful Interviews Program!

I’ve collected everything I know from 25 years of public speaking at over 100 industry events, from doing my podcast talkshow since 2005 and from publishing nearly twenty information products for myself and the experts with whom I work to make it easy for you to get organized and create really quality content by interviewing gurus and experts that you can leverage to create your own information product.

All my interview success secrets in one easy system after five years and hundreds of successful interviews with famous internet and media celebrities, I reveal the preparation, production and promotional techniques that guarantee you:
Killer Interviews That Ooze Quality, Credibility, Professionalism and Value.

Start Here Guide – Read This First!
Masterful Interviews – Start Here Guide

You need to download a collection of files, which are numbered in order. You’ll see a group of .pdf’s
and a series of audio recordings in MP3 and video in MP4 format that you can use/print out or read on
the screen or your Kindle or iPhone.

Downloadable eBooks and Workbooks:
eBook #1 No-Stress Easy Prep System Creates Killer Interviews
Workbook #2 “Mad Libs” Style Format Creator: Fill-in-the-Blanks Worksheet
eBook #3 Hooking the Whale: How to Get Interviews with ALL The Best People
eBook #4 Susan’s Super Secret Questions: Create a Meaningful Media Experience
eBook #5 “The Grid:” My Process for Quickly Creating a Fantastic Line of Questioning
eBook #6 Real-Time In-Interview Management Technique
eBook #7 Social Media Super Powers: Audience-Driving, Free Content Promotion Techniques

8 Audio Lessons:
Audio Lesson #1 The Interview Deconstructed
Audio Lesson #2 Mastery Interview – Eben Pagan
Audio Lesson #3 Mastery Interview – Bob Corff
Audio Lesson #4 Mastery Interview – Bert Decker
Audio Lesson #5 Mastery Interview – Dusty Wright
Audio Lesson #6 Mastery Interview – Greg Jarboe
Audio Lesson #7 Mastery Interview – Bryan Eisenberg
Audio Lesson #8 Mastery Interview – Julie Perry

Bonus Material:
Bonus eBook #1 Persuasive Online Copy Writing
Bonus eBook #2 About Face White Paper on Creating Facebook Pages for Brands
Bonus eBook #3 The Six Secrets of News Search Engine Optimization
Bonus Template #4 A Press Release Template for Your Information Product News Announcement Included!
Bonus Workbook #5 Social Media Marketing Touchpoint Analysis, Business Objectives and Metrics Planner Creating Your Social Influence Plan
Bonus Audio Lesson #6 The Art of Dialogue
Bonus Audio Lesson #7 Notes From a Respected Journo Rebecca Lieb Shares Her Interviewing Strategies
Bonus Audio Lesson #8 Persuasion Architecture and Persona Marketing with Bryan Eisenberg on DishyMix
Bonus Audio Lesson #9 Chris Brogan on Becoming an Agent Zero, Promiscuous Networkers and Content Creation Secrets
Bonus Audio Lesson #10 Pimp My YouTube Channel and 6-Step SEO PR with Greg Jarboe on DishyMix “YouTube and Video Marketing
Bonus Audio Lesson #11 Dave Evans, Digital VooDoo on Interruptus Vulgaris, Trusting “The Cloud” and Social Media An Hour A Day
Bonus Audio Lesson #12 Dave Taylor Shares Tricks for Leveraging the Blogosphere Even Without Your Own Blog
Bonus Audio Lesson #13 Dave Taylor on Secrets to Producing Great Quality Content Quickly
Bonus Audio Lesson #14 Justin Smith, Inside Facebook on Drinking from the Water Cooler, Talking Smack and the Beauty of eBooks