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Expand Her Orgasm Tonight Course Overview

How the Program Components Work Together

Your “Expand Her Orgasm Tonight! 21 Day Program for Partners” consists of four e‐books that make up the main program component, as well as eight audio lessons, three video tutorials, and eight bonus gifts.

Open Me First! This is a guide to the components of the program and how they work together. Refer to it, as needed.
Start Here Guide to “Expand Her Orgasm Tonight”

The Four e‐books at the core of the program are Expand Her Orgasm Tonight!
The 21‐Day Program for Partners
Sensual Practices Workbook
Frequently‐Asked Questions
Expanded Orgasm Revealed

Stroke Techniques Workshop (Video) – New Content:
Stroke Techniques Workshop – Overview
Stroke Techniques Workshop: Module 1 – Getting Her In Her Body
Stroke Techniques Workshop: Module 2 – Engorgement
Stroke Techniques Workshop: Module 3 – The Three Opening Strokes
Stroke Techniques Workshop: Module 4 – Continuity And The Stroke
Stroke Techniques Workshop: Module 5 – Adding In Your Second Hand
Stroke Techniques Workshop: Module 6 – Peaking For Pleasure
Stroke Techniques Workshop: Module 7 – Penetration With Your Second Hand
Stroke Techniques Workshop: Module 8 – Variety
Stroke Techniques Workshop: Module 9 – Stroking And Adding The “Anie”
Stroke Techniques Workshop: Module 10 – Bringing Her Down – Ending The Date
Stroke Techniques Workshop: Bonus Module – Staying On Her Favorite Spot

These special reports are core to the program. Understanding these three concepts will help you reach peak experiences more quickly and effortlessly.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight Special Reports:
How Expanded Orgasm Can Take Your Love Life to the Next Level
Touch for Rapture
Pleasure Peaking

These audio lessons and video tutorials are valuable supplementary material. I recommend that you listen and watch them when noted in the main course material.

Audio Lessons:
Audio Lesson 1: What Can I Expect from this Program?
Audio Lesson 2: Kinds of Orgasm
Audio Lesson 3: Patti’s Journey
Audio Lesson 4: Dr. Patti Interviews Daka Raj
Audio Lesson 5: Women’s Self‐Pleasuring Ritual
Audio Lesson 6: Men’s Pre‐Date Centering Ritual
Audio Lesson 7: Centering/ Grounding Breath
Audio Lesson 8: Centering/ Grounding Breath (short form)

These video lessons are “vintage Dr. Patti.” We wanted to include these for a few reasons. First, this Expanded Orgasm practice goes back decades. Dr. Patti is one of the original practitioners with thousands of hours of experience. Secondly, you can see that the same practices are taught today as they have been historically. This is truly a practice, like Yoga, or Tantra, or a Martial Art.

Video Lessons:
Video Lesson 1: Introduction to the “Expand Her Orgasm Tonight” program
Video Lesson 2: Master Strokes
Video Lesson 3: Fireside Chat Part 1
Video Lesson 4: Fireside Chat Part 2
Video Lesson 5: Master Stroke Techniques

The bonus eBooks and Audio files are not a core part of the program, but do express the Expanded Orgasm approach to pleasure, sex, and relationship. They are intended to deepen your understanding of the material.

Bonus eBooks:
Just for Men
Just for Women
Dr. Patti’s Favorite Center-Lines
7 Questions to Ask that Get What You Want in Bed

Bonus Audio:
How Men Can Become Great Orgasmic Providers Through Taontric Massage
Dr. Patti on Secrets of Self‐Loving and Orgasmic Opening
The Art of Doing a Woman
Art of Taking a Woman Over the Edge