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The Overeating Cure Course Overview

Welcome to Overeating Cure Program!

Thank you for choosing me to be your role model and guide. You are about to embark on a thrilling adventure. Believe me when I tell you that this could lead to the single most rewarding personal accomplishment of your life. Few are the experiences that deliver more day to day fulfillment than knowing that you’ve overcome a major obstacle like self-destructive eating habits.

Take a stand and get on the path to a more coherent you and within a matter of days, you’ll start to feel the pull of success. Just you watch! And be sure to listen, too…

Start Here Guide – Read This First!
The Overeating Cure – Start Here Guide

You may begin readin the eBooks provided. I recommend that you plunge right in and read
eBook #1: Break Free from the Food Trap. My approach is quite unique in that it is based on
very different fundamental assumptions than the usual calories-in calories-out weight loss plan.
You’ll want to understand the rationale behind the no-brainer food plan in order to devote
yourself fully to this 3-stage process.

The Overeating Cure eBook and workbook:
eBook #1 Break Free From The Food Trap
eBook #2 Cookie Lust: Confessions of a Former Food Addict
eBook #3 Tame Your Food Fiend
eBook #4 On-the-Money Grocery Shopping Guide
Workbook #1 Pure Motivations: Your Rocket Fuel for Weight Loss
The Frontslide: What to do When the Urge to Eat Strikes

After the three stage process stated in the Start Here Guide. I recommend you to listen to
the audio lessons in sequence the first time around. After that, you may return to them
whenever you like. The bonus materials are just that—a bonus. Listen when and where you
feel moved.

The Overeating Cure Audio Lessons:
Audio Lesson #1 Change Your Perspective and Drop Ten Pounds in a Heartbeat!
Audio Lesson #2 How to Cheat and Get Away With It
Audio Lesson #3 Does the Secret Work for Weight Loss?
Audio Lesson #4 You’re not Selfish; You’re Quintessential
Audio Lesson #5 The Blonde Perspective
Audio Lesson #6 Harness the Power of Your Whole Brain

The Overeating Cure Bonus Audios:
Bonus Audio #1 What’s Your Body Telling You? – Steve Sisgold
Bonus Audio #2 When Food is Love – Glenn Francis
Bonus Audio #3 Mastering Change – Dr. Toni Galardi
Bonus Audio #4 The Belief Closet – Lion Goodman
Bonus Audio #5 And Everything Was Different – George Leonard

Now. About the Emotional Freedom Technique tutorial. I included this video specifically to aid
those who are troubled by emotional eating. This technique can be quite effective when you
are agitated or upset, confused and hurt, lonely, angry, sad, you name it. It’s a very easy
technique to learn. Give it a whirl.

Emotional Freedom Technique Video:
Bonus Video: Emotional Freedom Technique

Lastly, do email me with questions, concerns, and ideas. I’ll answer as many as I can personally,
and/or on in my blog.