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Masterful Interviews

Masterful Interviews

Masterful Interviews

Features and Benefits:

”If You’re Scrambling To Build A Successful Online Business FAST, Then I’ll Show How You Can Easily Create Profitable Content”

To begin with, let’s talk about the common mistakes novice interviewers make. That way, you’ll quickly start having a clearer understanding about how you’re leaving money on the table in this key area of opportunity.

Let’s start here:
#1: “Asking The Same Questions Every One Else Asks”

You already know a few people whose interviews could really add to your content offering.

You admire them from afar, and might be a little shy about approaching them… or you might not think you could come up with questions astute enough to impress them.

Yet somehow you muster the courage to ask them for an interview and now you’re freaking out because you’ve put off preparing… or your brain freezes and you can’t think what to ask them.

Or you know you’ve been doing an amateur job with the interviews you’ve been conducting. They answer your kinda lame question and you say “um hummm…great” after each reply… ick. Embarrassing. You CAN do better. And you know it.

If you don’t have a solid interviewing strategy it can make you really nervous. Now you’re worried about the intro and if your voice will crack… and there’s a lot on the line because you want this guy in your court for the long term.

Right at the beginning of the interview, you stumble over your words, have to do a couple re-starts and are cringing inside, wondering if your expert thinks you’re a bush league idiot… Egad.

If you could actually conduct a “masterful interview,” he might be willing to promote you to his list.

If you had a clear head or a system to fall back on, you could come up with questions no one else has asked and a way to easily organize your interview plan.

All you need is a list of ground-breaking, insightful questions you can ask to make interview magic.
Is that too much to ask?

Definitely NOT too much to ask…

I amassed ten simple ways to quickly and easily generate awesome questions for any interview and you already have the first one in your inbox. You’ll be getting my:

Free Mini-Course:
10 Fast & Easy Question Generators

Masterful Interviews

Based on all my customer feedback, the single hardest part of creating an excellent interview is coming up with the questions….

“What should we talk about?”

Now you’ll get one gem of an idea for simple and effective question generation every couple days.

This is my gift to you to dial in the best questions for any guest on any style intervew. With my great ideas for generating and organizing questions, you’ll look forward to this task and actually start to excel at being a master interviewer.

I’ve already started teaching you every trick I’ve learned to come up with the killer questions nobody else thought of. From my 15-Minute Power Collection to my Audience Baiting strategy… I divulge all my secrets to you and they are a gift that has the power to significantly lower your stress and increase your effectiveness.

#2: The “I’m Not Enough Yet” Excuse

You’ve gotten the “yes” and your guru is dialed in. You used the “Easy Question Generators” to come up with some smart questions to ask and you’re feeling pretty darn confident.

Suddenly, he tells you that he wants to postpone the interview because something came up. The pretext seems “fishy” somehow, and you can’t help but think that if you’d handled the prep better, he might not be making those excuses now.

OR you’re doing the interview, your list of questions firmly in your sweaty hand… and this guy starts riding roughshod all over you. Turd.

You know the subtle dance required of you as the interviewer… you have to balance the agenda and personality of your expert with the needs of your customers. You wish you had the finesse to pace the interview smoothly and the training to handle his reframes, while doing smooth segues, bridges, intros and outros and in general, manage the whole situation with a level head.

But you can’t seem to get control. “Guru Turd” is making the whole thing excruciatingly awkward.

He is like a bull in the china shop of your interview.


You think, “I was right all along.”

I am just not interviewer material. I don’t need this shit. I’ll just write my own content. Screw it.

You were right about that!

Or were you??? Hmmm…?

I promise you, using interview material to produce or extend an information product line is an easy and profitable way to grow a business when you know the simple steps!

Here, I’ll just GIVE you some examples of mine free from the product to help YOU think of a question:
Susan’s Sample Super Secret Questions

• What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
• What travel experience changed your life?
• What’s on your “Bucket List?” Top 5 things you’d still like to do?
• What activity could you do all day long without getting bored?
• For what do you want to be remembered professionally?
• What is the biggest goal you’re working on accomplishing right now?

Here are a few of the powerful secrets:

❒ You must convey 6 key points to get a VIP to a “YES.” “Hooking the Whale: How to Get Interviews with ALL The Best People” has form letters and voice mail scripts you can copy.

❑ Do you know what kind of content is so dangerous to post to Twitter and Facebook that it can cost you customers and money?

❐ There’s a “head-game” you can play to have confident interviews with celebrities that Dusty Wright of CultureCatch divulges.

❏ You can shock your guest out of press release mode to create a meaningful media experience with certain kinds of questions— a good place to sart is with my 75 “Super Secret Questions”.

❒ You can easily boil down the prep process to a super-simple checklist to whip out interviews with the No-Stress, Easy Prep System.

❑ Are you a key influencer? A person can only be influential if they are believed. Bert Decker shares what it takes to be believable.

❐ Generating killer questions is just the start. SHOW FLOW— the order in which you ASK the questions can be managed efficiently with a process called “The Grid:” My Process for Quickly Creating a Fantastic Line of Questioning.

❏ Are you aware of the big brouhaha about auto-DM’s on Twitter?

❒ Remember the segues, bridges, reframes, intros, outros? “Real-Time In-Interview Management Techniques” provides immeasurable comfort during the most stressful part of the process— the actual interview itself.

❑ There’s a magnificent strategy for letting other people promote your products for you— newbie or expert, Social Media Super Powers: Audience-Driving, Free Content Promotion Techniques explains it.

❐ Learn how to put your effort into the right place and prioritize your social marketing strategy with the “Social Media Marketing Touchpoint Analysis, Business Objectives and Metrics Planner.”

❏ It’s like I’m whispering in your ear during an interview, “The Interview Deconstructed: Step-by-Step Anatomy of the Interview Process” is a real life example of intros, outros, bridges, segues, affirmations and reframes in action.

Eben Pagan shares his personal techniques for “Creating Great Interviews Specifically for Info Products.”

❑ If you don’t like the sound of your own voice (the #1 fear I hear from novices) improve it with vocal exercises and techniques that make you sound like a crooner, from Bob Corff, celebrity vocal coach.

❐ Just as you target your niche tightly, you’ll learn to leverage “persona marketing” to connect with your audience so they feel like you are speaking directly to them during interviews. Bryan Eisenberg explains how these two powerful concepts can increase conversions and lower your blood pressure.

❏ There’s a reason you want to have your interviews transcribed… and where to get it done, cheap.

❒ For you, gadget-boyz: 8 key technical considerations for recording audio interviews including use of Skype, Telephone Recording Equipment Configurations, My Personal Studio Set Up, M-Audio Handheld Digital Audio Recorder Set Up, RE-20 Microphone Recommendation, the $20 Pop Filter, the UA-25 USB Audio Mixe and why I love our Mackie 1202 Mixer.

❑ Is it true that you can get other people to come up with some of the best interview questions for you? Oh yeah, and you’ll want the other 13 ideas from the “14 Easy Question-Generators” too.

❐ You must immediately collect and review the 5 most important data points about your guest. What are they? Go ahead and cheat with the 15-Minute Power Collection.

❏ A consistent interview format increases both the number of people and how much they consume of your content— increase customer satisfaction with a Mad-Libs Style Format Creator: Fill-in-the-Blanks Worksheet

❒ The 3 most frustrating SEO mistakes when posting interviews on YouTube… and how to get the most traffic possible with expert Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR.

❑ Have you read the world famous copy writing bible, “Persuasive Online Copy Writing: How to Take Your Words to the Bank,” by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg and Lisa T. Davis? The original print version of the book sells on Amazon for $999, go check.

❐ Learn how to Set up a Facebook Page for your Brand plus clever strategies to increase Wall activity and recruit Fans.

❏ Do you know the 6 Secrets of News Search Engine Optimization? Guru Greg Jarboe demystifies press release optimization.

❒ Is it true that you need to write your own press release from scratch? Nah! Use the Press Release Template for your information product news announcement and get more inbound links.

❑ An interview is NOT just Q&A. Au contraire! Learn The Art of Dialogue with Duncan Campbell, a “Visionary Conversationalist.”

❐ Classic journalists use very specific interview techniques to GET THE SCOOP. You can too, with Rebecca Lieb.

❏ Build a free social listening station with compliments of Chris Brogan.

And those are just a few of the things you’ll learn in Masterful Interviews. Really, there’s so much more, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

Did You Have ANY Idea
Interviewing Could Be This Beneficial
To Your Life?

Sure, it will be fabulous to look back a year from now and see that IMPRESSIVE BODY OF WORK you generated.

But that’s not the end-game. Here’s the best part…

What kind of doors are going to open for you… what new opportunities you never considered are going to lay themselves at your feet — for your picking and choosing — when you are personal friends with all of the A-Players in your field?

You of the smooth interview style. Oh you of the crazy-smart questions that make your expert temporarily slack-jawed in awe.

You hurdled over the press, journalists, and your competitors when you interviewed these sages because of everyone out there, it’s YOU who has distinguished yourself.

Thank those “Super Secret Questions” for giving you personal insights into the mavens in your category to the point that they befriend you because you “really get them” like no other.

When opportunities come up, YOU get the call.

Just think, now what kind of ass can you kick?

Who would have thought that letting me teach you how to interview well could forever change your life for the better?
Let me paint a picture of your new world:

#1 You’re creating a body of content you now leverage in myriad ways to make more money

#2 You have a bunch of new friends, who used to intimidate you, that are now sharing wisdom with you that a year ago you didn’t even know existed

#3 You’re getting a reputation in the industry for being the go-to-guy for having the widest perspectives in your field

#4 You’re getting calls for paid speaking gigs

#5 You have so much new knowledge, you’re brimming with book ideas

#6 AND, you have so much demand for your products, all the JV’s are calling YOU, waiting in line to promote your product for you

Make Sure To Get Your FREE
“Mastery Interviews” Series
With TOP Experts
Just For TRYING This Program…Below

A Very Special ONE TIME Bonus

I created a series of audio interviews for Masterful Interviews with experts I hand selected, and who took me months to book.

You can keep these “Mastery Series” Expert Interviews with my compliments FREE when you try Masterful Interviews.

There are seven unique experts in the Mastery Interview series that I hand selected for their contribution to your eduction.

Hey, these are NOT bonuses. This is CORE PRODUCT. These are not freebie, already-in-the-can things I tacked onto the product to puff it up and make it sound like you were getting so much.

These are the real deal people who have deep knowledge in areas complimentary to my expertise that I prescribed as booster medicine for your enrichment.

Seven Mastery Interviews with significant material:

* Creating Great Interviews for Info Products with Eben Pagan of Hot Topic Media

* Vocal Techniques and Voice Exercises with Bob Corff, “Teacher to the Stars”

* Creating Rapport and Evoking Authenticity, Even on the Phone, with Bert Decker

* Confident Interviews with Celebrities and VIPs with Dusty Wright of CultureCatch

* Video as Content and YouTube SEO with expert Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR

* Persuasive Copy Writing and Persona Marketing with Bryan Eisenberg

* YouTube Secret Weapon with Expert Julie Perry

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Masterful Interviews