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Talk Show Tips

Talk Show Tips

Talk Show Tips

Features and Benefits:

Would you like to create a massive following with your interview show and watch your audience grow with a system that made the interview prep and production EASY?

Wouldn’t you like to generate huge amounts of appreciation from your audience for the spectacular job you do as a master interviewer?

Wouldn’t you like to handle any guest with UNSHAKABLE confidence, KEEN insight and AUTHORITY?

Imagine how great it would be to have a huge group of raving fans COMPELLED to promote your show, driving more revenue for you!

Is your ultimate goal is to sell subscriptions or get a sponsor or advertisers on your show? Do it to MAKE MONEY. Everything I’m going to teach you now creates the foundation for that success. You want your interviews to be a way you make income, right?

How much self-satisfaction will you feel as a famous podcaster or online video celebrity? Imagine what it will feel like when others ‘all-of-a-sudden’ think how lucky you’ve become!

How will it be when the famous person you’ve had as a guest, gives you the highest compliment ever on your interviewing techniques, knowing everyone in the world had interviewed them already and YOU are the best?

Are you ready to learn to effortlessly prepare for and manage interviews and really know the strategy for using social media to build your online brand, create and deepen relationships and promote your work?

You get the culmination of 25 years of my experience LASER FOCUSED in this completely downloadable teaching system that will transform your skills to a whole new level.

Everything You Need to Empower Fans

Talk Show Tips is chock-full of techniques that make perfect sense, the minute you hear them.

Bling! The light bulb goes off and you can immediately integrate powerful new strategies into your show that include:?

* Solidifying Your Show Format, Personas, Intros/Outros/Breaks
* Booking the Big Name Guest and Prepping Them for a Stellar Show
* Developing Great Questions No One Else Asks!
* In-Show Bridges, Segues, Reframes, Power Pauses, Opens, Affirmations and Graceful Interruptions
* Show Notes, Transcriptions, Editing, Contests, Google Mojo, Cross Promos, RSS and Free Widgets
* Using Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SocialOomph and Trackur to Promote Your Show
* Getting Featured in iTunes, SEO and Five-Star Reviews

There’s a certain way you must position your interview to move from “listeners” or “viewers” to RAVING FANS.

I tell you how to finesse that positioning and I also give you a list of ways you can grease the skids for your fans to promote you, building your audience on your behalf, with the power of consumer-generated content.

If you want to be a famous host with a hot show, doing what you love, you MUST be sponsor-worthy.
This system prepares you for financial success by teaching you how to grow your audience.
Sponsors want to reach an engaged audience. Talk Show Tips helps you create that.

Life Time Buyouts for ONLY $149!!!

Talk Show Tips