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The Overeating Cure

The Overeating Cure

The Overeating Cure

Features and Benefits:

“Get Ready To Trade In That Feeling Of Dread You Wake Up To In The Morning For A Rush Of Joy Simply Because You Can Reach Down And Feel Your Hipbones!”

Here are a few of the life-altering techniques you’ll learn in this unique program about ending overeating:

* Learning how the Reward System Upgrade gets your pleasure center working FOR YOU, not against you, and fundamentally alters your entire experience of eating so you feel uplifted, capable and confident that you can lose it this time… for good.

* Learning to FrontSlide, instead of backslide is an extraordinary technique that immediately shifts your attitude so you are full of enthusiasm instead of dread and can set your sights higher than you ever imagined possible in terms of the future of your relationships, your career, your finances, and the fulfillment and simple joy you get from being alive.

* The No-Brainer Food Plan immediately puts you in control with a sure-footed, easy to follow system so you can effortlessly manage your way through any temptation.

* What do to about feeling like you’ll never have great sex again because your physical appearance gets in the way and you just don’t feel sexy anymore.

* How to free yourself from the tension of last minute decision-making and bad decisions that you kick yourself for later as the Power of Structure develops and entirely new set of habits that will sustain you—and keep you slender—for the rest of your life.

* Can you ever get tired of hearing, “Wow! you look fabulous,” as if that’s not enough to sustain you, we’ll teach you how to immediately recognize and then manage the triggers that generate your urge to eat.

* You’ll learn How to Cheat and Get Away With It… cheating gets an upward spin – learn exactly how to do it.

* No matter how hard you work out, the scale doesn’t budge. Eliminate this frustration by following one simple rule…

* Turn heel on the boredom and harsh restrictions of diets with hundreds of little Thought Gems that shift you into a positive attitude as your once bloated features give way to the defined structure of a younger face and body.

* I’ll show you how to uncouple yourself from your old thought patterns so they loose their power to control your behavior the minute you move them outside of you once you learn to Tame the Food Fiend.

* How chocolate can still be your friend… and bread & pasta, too.

* Do you know that feeling of self satisfaction you get when you’re absolutely ravenous but you STILL make the right snack choice? Feel that every day with your very own set of Connoisseur’s Rules.

* The book shows you how to pacify the Food Fiend, befriend your appetite, and re-write the script so you can truly enjoy eating without guilt.

* Take my “Non-Recipes”… simple ways to make healthy food tasty… and make them your own.

* How does a fat girl with an out-of-control sweet tooth turn into a head-turning beauty? Uncover the core issues that subvert the real you.

* Learn how active cures turn on The Secret and act as a catalyst for the Law of Attraction.

* A precious and sacred vitality can be yours once you know where your “yes” and your “no” come from; the audio download called “Your Not Selfish; You’re Quintessential,” is designed to wake up the mind in your gut.

* Whether you’re blond, brunette, redheaded, turning gray, or even bald, play is the ticket. In “The Blonde Perspective” audio lesson, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade that make this way of life so much fun.

* Learn how to recognize and respect distinct forms of intelligence and access the limbic brain so you don’t need to turn to food for love anymore.

* Resurrect the dreams you long since smothered in fat with a visualization called Pure Motivations.

* Don’t let grocery store mistakes drain your energy and your wallet…arm yourself with the Grocery Shopping Guide.

* Learn to scratch behind the Food Fiend’s ear with 3 Specific Tricks that show you how to keep the Fiend at bay.

* Form new habits that give you a sense of freedom and confidence every time you’re faced with a food decision, until this new way of being operates on auto-pilot…permanently.

* Learn the fallacy that undermines you every time you lose weight with an audio visualization called “Change Your Perspective: Drop 10 Pounds in a Heartbeat” and soon you’ll be “Doin’ the Frumpster Dump” and dropping your fat clothes off at the consignment store.

* What you need to know about why you cheat, even when you believe you’re committed to a weight loss plan.

You’ll get enough in this program to use one great new idea or tip every day for a year and keep seeing results… and you’ll feel the pleasure of instant progress because of the attitude shift that comes the minute you commit to this fabulous journey.

Get ALL of This Great Support And Have A New Tryst With Life

* Break Free from the Food Trap: This eBook maps out the overarching rationale for The Overeating Cure and the no-brainer food plan. The how and why behind this approach is what makes it so effective.

* Cookie Lust: How does a fat girl with an out-of-control sweet tooth turn into a head-turning beauty? Food problems live in developmental gaps… this eBook will help you uncover the core issues that subvert the real you.

* Tame Your Food Fiend: This eBook shows you how to pacify this inner demon, befriend your appetite, and re-write the script so you can truly enjoy your sweet tooth.

* On-the-Money Grocery Shopping Guide: All you need to know to get the food you need effortlessly. Daily and weekly rituals that set you free.

* Pure Motivations, Your Rocket Fuel for Weight Loss: Just as the space shuttle needs an explosive fuel source to break free of earth’s atmosphere, humans need a superior energy source to break free of die-hard habits. This workbook will help you fill your tank for lift-off.

* The Magic Bullet Audio Course: Open Your Mind & Heart and Watch Your Body Slim Down. You have an infinite amount of creativity, courage, and strength inside of you. This audio course is designed to help you tap into that wisdom, lean into the good life, and find yourself totally at home in your new body.

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The Overeating Cure