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The Meaning Solution

The Meaning Solution

The Meaning Solution

Features and Benefits:

• how to live your life with renewed passion and purpose.

• you’ll experience life-changing benefits as you learn how to make meaning every day and maintain meaning forever.

• you will be transforming your life, a process that takes daily attention!

• Each meaning coach offers her best tips for living a meaning- and value-based life.

What is a “meaning solution” to a “meaning problem”? That’s the crux of the matter, isn’t it? Solutions need to be tailored to problems. You can’t heal your sprained ankle by icing your elbow. You can’t get the stain out of your shirt by bleaching your tablecloth. You can’t have a more meaningful life unless you identify what really matters to you—what crucially matters to you—and plan what you are going to do to align your thoughts and align your actions with your intentions. Doing that is the only way to create a more meaningful life. Everything else falls short.

Meaning problems need meaning solutions. Nothing else will solve them. Medication won’t solve them. A two-week vacation won’t solve them. Therapy won’t solve them. Changing jobs won’t solve them. Moving to another city won’t solve them. I’ve taken my best ideas, ones that thousands of people have found life-changing, and turned them into a complete program for making personal meaning every day. Now you can get genuine meaning solutions to your meaning problems.

The Meaning Solution Program teaches you that process in a simple, self-paced system.

You’ll learn how to turn your values into a blueprint for living. Download The Meaning Solution Program and start living a life of purpose, meaning and fulfillment right now.

And there is absolutely no risk.

Try The Meaning Solution Program for 30 days. Judge for yourself if you’re getting the results you want. If you aren’t satisfied, get a complete refund—hassle-free. But I know it’s going to make a profound difference in your life. Thousands of people have told me that it has—I hope that I’ll be hearing from you one day about how the Meaning Solution Program righted your course!

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