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Expand Her Orgasm Tonight

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight


That’s The Sound Of
‘Boring Sex Life’
Getting Kicked Out Of Bed By…

Your Turned-On Woman
Who Wants You To
“DO” Her NOW!

You need to find out about this sexual technique that can deliver anything you want. One hot woman who adores you…. multiple booty calls that wear out the battery on your phone. The sky is the limit…

There is ONE technique that can ensure you a life of great sex, intimacy and adoration.

There is.

And god knows why it’s so unknown. I guess because people don’t talk that much about the specifics of sex to each other and this one is better seen on video and described in detail in audio.

And because it’s been pretty isolated to SF and NY, until now, with the Internet, we have the ability to get you up to speed whether you’re in Ulaan Baatar or Wichita.

So what IS this technique or practice, as we “in-the-know” people like to call it? It goes by many names, which I’ll tell you about.

It’s easy to learn. Literally, it’s a sexual technique that at its most fundamental begins with a single, special stroke. And it’s SO much more.

It’s how to make women crave you.

• It’s your competitive advantage over other guys for any woman’s attention.

• And if you’re partnered, and you want more sex with her; you want to excite her; you want her to lust for you… you want her to want to have sex with you… a LOT of sex with you, this delivers.

• It’s a way of meeting a woman in pleasure that rivals the best, most connected, hottest intercourse you’ve ever had, yet is totally different and enhances your repertoire.

• It’s a practice that allows a woman to be so fulfilled sexually, that it takes lovemaking to a whole new realm – so it actually enhances what you’re already doing.

• And, if you are open to the “woo woo” stuff – it’s a way to tap into her sexual energy so you are riding her turn-on and getting as much immense pleasure as you are giving her.

Possess Deep In Your Bones
The Confident Skills Of A Master Lover

❏ Do you give your partner extended peaks of intensifying pleasure every time you make love?

❏ Can you make her come, over and over and over, each time amplifying deep, body shuddering orgasms that grow stronger and more delicious?

❐ Are you having frustrating or boring sex that is blocking you from realizing your awesome, orgasmic potential that lies within?

❑ Is your girl truly revealing what she really wants you to know about her deepest, innermost desires?

❒ Are you completely confident that you know exactly what you need to do to fully satisfy her?

❏ How would you like to become an irresistible magnet to women?

❐ Would you like to discover how to deeply tap into your true orgasmic nature?

❒ Can you drive your partner wild with your very first touch?

When Your Lover Releases Herself Into A Moaning, Writhing, Panting, Begging, Screaming Juicy Orgasm, Is It The Highlight Of Your Week? Your Month?

When you give your partner extended peaks of intensifying pleasure every time you make love, it pays back a thousandfold in the pleasure she wants to give to you in return.

And if you are one of those men who loves to take control of your woman’s sexual experience, who offers her the opportunity to surrender totally to your attention, this will give you even more ability to take control in the bedroom.

When your lover lets herself completely go and whimpers for more stroking, and arches herself up to meet your hands, and cries, “oh yeah, oh yeah, oh baby, yeah, that feels so incredible. Keep doing that until I say “stop.” Promise, yeah, yeah….aghhh!” Over and over and over…

And would you like her sweet parts to be totally engorged and alive so that when she’s literally begging you to enter her, she feels softer and more exciting than ever before?

With this approach, it doesn’t matter how big your cock is, or how often it gets hard or stays hard, because it’s a manual technique.

Even if you think you know your way around a woman’s private parts.

Even if you know enough to teach anatomy.

Even if you’ve spend countless hours giving her Tantric massages or sensual massages or you are the oral master…

You will link her orgasms together so that each one intensifies to a higher peak than the last and put her into a “sensation journey” where she’s following her bliss and going into another plane of being…

If you want to take her where no man has ever taken her before— then get to know this simple method that’s totally different than anything you’ve ever done, yet so easy you could do it for hours without effort.

“Only 9% To 33% Of Women Are Capable Of Getting To Orgasm Through Intercourse Alone— That’s A Lot Of Deep Desire Going Unfulfilled”

This 21-day program offers you a full package of downloadable content that you can start using tonight.

And that’s what you will need if you are going to blast your partner through her limits and yours … into full-body, full-being, open-hearted, and fully-engaged Expanded Orgasm —over and over again.

When You Have
This Electrifying Effect
On Women What Happens?

This practice has a few facets.

First, you’ll discover the stroking patterns… and you’ll get some effective strategies that help you enroll your woman in the journey.

There’s a focus on heart, mind and body in the program. That’s why it’s called a 21-Day At-Home Discovery Program.

It has all you both need to learn how to give and receive Expanded Orgasms.

Whether you’re motivated to be the king of orgasm to a string of lovely ladies or you desire a longer, more powerful, and more partner-connecting experience than either of you have ever imagined, the program will take you step-by-step through an eBook, audio and video content that you can download right now.

This program stimulates your mind through multiple learning modalities, including insightful audio lessons, explicit video tutorials, and detailed photos to show you both exactly what to do!

Add to all this the Master Sensual Practices Manual, and you have a recipe for rapid learning and a ton of hotness and fun. There are 21 days of erotic “play dates” that easily teach you and your lover exactly what to do to link her multiple orgasms together into a true “expanded orgasm” session.

A Woman’s Orgasmic Energy Builds and Grows Stronger, The More Frequently She Climaxes, So Give It To Her

Every woman CAN be multi-orgasmic and what’s better, her climaxes can continue to build and build, getting stronger and more awe inspiring —if you know how to bring her up and stack her orgasms so you don’t blow her out.

With this Expanded Orgasm practice, you can keep taking her higher and higher because we teach you techniques like, “The Three Opening Strokes,” “Pleasure Peaking,” and “Touch for Rapture,” to name a few.

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Expand Her Orgasm Tonight

There’s a very little chance that you are one of the small percentage of men who are ready to know this female orgasm technique…

That will allow you to give your woman intense, prolonged, orgasms that lasts 20, 30, even 60 minutes or more!

That holds your women in orgasmic bliss- like she is coming and coming for literally HOURS – with just few breaks to catch her breath.

This is beyond “multi-orgasmic”.

Throughout time there have been treasured secrets shared among small groups of practitioners…

Sexual secrets closely guarded by almost cult-like devotees who will only share their orgasmic techniques with the most eager initiates…

Sexual secrets that are so enticing to her, she will ask you to give her this orgasmic experience.

She will want to do it tonight… predictably.

Sexual secrets that go unknown by most men their entire lifetime.

That’s why there’s almost zero chance you know about THIS particular closely guarded female orgasm technique.

You have to be the kind of man who truly enjoys “coming” his woman…

Who gets enormous pleasure having her writhe and moan under your sexual attention…

Not a man who is focused just on getting off.

You have to hunger for hours of lovemaking, the two of your bodies wrapped around each other…

Your breath connected…

Feeling each moment of pleasure, getting more and more turned on by each other.

Your energy braiding together your mind, heart and spirit.

Which means… To be one of the secret clique of men who are ready to know this secret technique…

You also need a lover who is willing, even hungers to surrender to her lust…

Who wants you to make her feel “come drunk”…

Who wants also to feel deeply, in her bone, this epic sex technique that takes her moment of climax…

hat moment just before she goes over the edge into rapture…

When it feels almost unbearably pleasurable and a warm current of erotic energy floods her whole being…

And stretches that moment of climactic bliss out like pulling soft taffy candy- expanding her orgasmic sensation to new peaks of pleasure for a spell that seems timeless.

If you don’t have the kind of sex life that just keeps getting better…

Then we should just stop right here.

If you can’t allow yourself to believe there are secret orgasmic techniques most of the world is still unaware of…

Think about this for perspective.

Just 50 years ago women started demanding their own orgasm during sex.

And 30 years ago women realized they can be multi-orgasmic.

And in the last few years, many women now realize that every woman can experience all kinds of orgasm, from clitoral to vagina to ejaculatory.

Women’s innate orgasmic abilities are infinite and there’s a new benchmark in female orgasm the work is just waking up to.

The internet is quickly closing the gap on our collective sexual knowledge.

But there are still underground fraternities who hold powerful secrets that are shared person to person even if we meet like this… Online.