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Hi, I’m Sloane Fox. @FoxySloane

I’m hot and married (a true MILF). I live a wild, sexy life with tons of freedom to pursue my sexuality. This blog is an outpouring of my shenanigans, my beliefs and my opinions.

I want to help you (re)discover your sexuality and have incredible, juicy sex with your lover, woman, wife, girlfriend or all of the above.

So I share my life as a way of inspiring you to pursue what turns you on.

If I can do it, YOU can do it!

On this blog, I bring you the best of my personal stories, my sex workshop experiences, online courses I have taken, product reviews of stuff I dig, sexy news, sultry videos, silly stuff and best of all, my personal stories about the great sex I have, the crazy sex parties I go to, and the things I love about sex.

I bare it all and share it all with you.

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