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Increasing Her Neural Pathways to Pleasure

Increasing Her Neural Pathways to Pleasure

I call it “clit-centric…”

When I think about sex in our culture today, it’s very focused on stimulating a woman’s clitoris to achieve orgasm.

That’s nice, but it’s such a limited focus when there’s so much more pleasure and sensation to be had if you expand your stimulation to her G-Spot and all the other delicious spots inside her vagina.

The G-Spot is one of those very places that can be easily awakened and sensation increased and further activated by actually creating neural pathways from the brain through touch arousal.


Once those neural pathways are created, she has a stronger and more powerful connection to that part of her body and….ta da!….MORE PLEASURE FOR BOTH OF YOU!

I also find it helpful to tell her exactly WHERE you’re stroking and touching as you do it. The auditory signals help her pinpoint the feeling to feel it faster and make the neural connection better. It accelerates her learning of the sensation she can experience. So if you have good communication skills with your lover, talk to her as you’re touching her.

Once you get her communicating with you, you two can practice what I call “the language of the clit.” You know how every day, she wants to be pleasured a little bit differently? Sometimes harder and faster, sometimes very gently? It’s hard, as a guy, to know what to do!

So using “the language of the clit,” ask your girl to start telling you the story of her desire in the moment, like this:

“Sweetie, my kitty is feeling a bit shy today. She wants to be teased with very gentle sweeping strokes with your whole hand at first, then you can use your finger, right around 2 o’clock once she’s nice and warmed up. Then, can you stroke me for about 20 minutes and get me really warmed up and then, stroke my G-area until I say stop? I really want to relax into it today. Is that ok?”

The great news is that the G-Spot is a highly sensitive and pleasurable zone of erectile tissue that all women have which connects to the urethra and the urethral sponge. It’s as sensitive as her clitoris once you “teach” her to feel the sensation.

The amount of sensation each woman experiences in her G-Spot varies, but the exciting news is that you can awaken the G-Spot through locating it, stimulating it, pleasuring it, and attending to it.

You and your partner can dedicate some focused time and energy getting to know this part of her body.

I awakened my G-Spot only 6 years ago. Prior to that I was vaguely aware that I had one!

I know you can awaken sensation and sensitize areas of your body like the G-Spot because I have experienced this myself and gone on to teach others how to.


My G-Spot is now so sensitized that I prefer G-Spot stimulation to clitoral stimulation,  although why choose one over the other?  Both are fantastic together.

The more you stimulate her G-Spot, the more you arouse her lovely juices to squirt, gush, and drip, over and over again!

It’s time to walk down the mental, physical and spiritual path toward the pleasure that is your collective birthright.

With love,
Tallulah Sulis

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  1. My comments will be latter,dear Tallulach,for now THANK YOU very much,yours Yury.

  2. I tried, and found that it is really gateway to heven for both who belive sex as a god’s gift.

  3. Still can’t do it. Don’t seem to find anything that’s causing a good response. I still don’t get how far in it is. Some are saying it’s a inch and a half others are saying its 2 and a half to 3 inches. Neither are working.
    No matter how aroused she is either

  4. Thank-you for all the fantastiv advise.
    Keep up the good work.


  5. First off all I wanna say I enjoy reading the newsletters that ya’ll post on the site. I have been fortuante enough to experience the lovely and awesome feeling of squirting through oral and fingering, Omg!!! That’s so amazing feeling any woman could ever have, I would love to be able to experience that feeling through physical sex is there any advice you could offer that could help me achieve that?

  6. In this you are absolutely correct. I always take time to learn my sweeties body. Little spots in discreet places. I do need to concentrate on the audible more. Thanks for the reminder. It’s just like learning anything. Information resides in different places in the brain. By learning things several ways ie: reading/visual, hearing/audible, speaking/connecting visual and audible pathways. Add some scent and touch and you create a memory to never forget.


  8. My gf worries too much that she is going to pre even when I tell her to let it go she always wants to go to the toilet and release obviously has something to do with needing the bed clean next time I’m strapping het ass down and make her squirt no mercy she will love it in the end

  9. interesting and very educational. Thank you.

  10. This is correct, I feel highly effective with a partner

  11. Yep,i love reading your news letters they are sensational great things to read and getting to put them to work,thank you and have a great day.

  12. I appr4ciate very much all the information presented here. A couple of weeks ago I stroked my wife’s g-spot until suddenly she got up, saying she felt like she had to pee. I think she may have been on the verge of squirting, but I didn’t tell her that. I think squirting would be embarrassing to her, especially since we weren’t prepared for it (i.e., no towels available); I didn’t want to risk foreclosing on that avenue of pleasure. I’m not sure she’s even aware that female ejaculation exists. I plan to take it slowly.

  13. Wow excited your messages are very erotic. I simply love it. Thanks keep informing more

  14. Thanks for your enlightening information. Wish I had known this at least the last 30 years that would have made them all that richer in experience. Anyway better late than never.Looking forward to becoming an expert even at this stage.

  15. All info is for people with partners. Any help for widow with strong libido who has never squirted but would like to…or is that undoable?

    • You can do it all by yourself, my Dear Widow… if you so desire. Too bad you don’t have a partner, and perhaps you may wish to take a look around for available ‘widowers’. I’m not advising you to act like a slut, but rather just believe in yourself, say a lil’ prayer, and remember that sex does not have much to do with age. My best to you… Chazz

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