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Lucia’s Life: From Lackluster to Luscious

nullLet me tell you Lucia’s story. She turned her lack-luster orgasms into full body multiple squirting orgasms.

She came to me disheartened by her sex-life with her husband and her inability to really “get off” when she was having an orgasm.


She often felt disconnected and as though her orgasms were a hiccup instead of what she knew might be possible.

I helped her and her partner discover her G-Spot, find toys that she was excited to try with her partner, taught her how to strengthen her pelvic floor muscles, release mental and emotional blockages and conquer her self-defeating stories, to connect more deeply and fully with her partner.

The results were astounding.


Within a few months of doing her pleasure-filled homework Lucia and her partner were ecstatically excited about the progress they made.

She not only exceeded her expectations of what she thought was even possible, but she had amazing breakthroughs in her relationship with her partner.

She realized how her disconnection from herself in the bedroom was distancing herself from her partner sexually and effected the relationship as a whole.

When she reconnected with her body, she was able to connect with her partner in a whole new way!

She got incredible orgasms but she also got a new and improved relationship with her partner as well.

Lucia’s partner was lucky. She wanted to improve her orgasmic ability. Not every man is as fortunate. Often guys tell me they know their woman can have so much more, but they are shut down and unwilling to talk about it.

The good news is that there are techniques, exercises and conversations you can do even if she’s seemingly unapproachable.

It took me a year to put down on paper the detailed techniques that I used to turn Lucia (and many women like her) on and launch her sex-life to a whole new level. I wanted to empower anyone to support themeselves or have their lover support them in discovering their orgasmic potential.

Note: I understand that only a precious few people have the means or confidence to attend one of my workshops. That’s why I wrote Squirt Your Heart Out for women and Female Liquid Orgasm for men to learn everything I know from all my teaching and try in the privacy of one’s home. That’s leveraging the beauty of the Internet.

With love,
Tallulah Sulis

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  1. Tallulah
    Your FLO will be studied before I marry Aliona after I move to Ecuador in Sept and she flies from Ukraine to marry me in our new home.
    Matt Donnelly

  2. Why some women, and some guys too shut down when it comes to discussing sex will very, due to the complexity of sexuality. Too often people marry with baggage that should either have been resolved before marriage, or at least be willing to resolve it afterward. It’s very common that neither happens; and what you have is one person has appropriate sexual expectations of their spouse, but the spouse has no desire to engage for either having been harmed in their childhood, or assaulted afterward. Indeed this is one of the major causes for unfaithfulness, and unfortunately, divorce. People who marry for the right reason have sexual needs, that if neglected may seek to fulfill their needs else where.

  3. I am a divorcee for 18 years and because for some reasons of not attending to my partner desire for orgasm i seems to hate getting a woman again and lock myself within me. Though I desire for sex but only thinking of getting one, and not wanted to be cheated upon again and stay true but lack understanding of bringing my partner to orgasm. With this compiled knowledge I have been supplied with I am lucky enough knowing that soon i will have another partner and now ready to put my understanding into practice and and improvement as it progress along. Now I know how to please a women which I used to lack and only thinking of myself. Thank you Tallulah Sulis you have contributed greatly to my self confidence in bed now. I have been through the road many times in a rush but now it required attention to every details of the road, I love it.

  4. Most informative. I love using my tongue. Did not know about squirting. I am not in a sexual relatiohshjp now but looking forward to your advice. I am all in.

  5. it all comes at a price money you are no different to the rest its all about the cash in pocket

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