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"Everywhere Gets Wet" [Dousing Your Burning Questions]

"Everywhere Gets Wet" [Dousing Your Burning Questions]

In this week’s mailbag, Mary wants to talk about how “everywhere gets wet” when she ejaculates. Listen as Sloane and I give Mary advice about her female ejaculatory (squirting) orgasms.

It’s funny. Women have such a wide variety of feelings about the fluid that squirts out during ejaculatory orgasms.

  • Our friend Veronica jokes that her bedsheets look like a CSI crime scene she squirts so much out.
  • Gem has to have a waterproof sheet and two folded towels under her to soak it up so she can relax and come.
  • Ripple loves to squirt right on her boyfriends.

Every woman is so different! Speaking of that…

Did you get the “Female Genitalia: Anatomy and Engorgement
free eBook yet? Susan is going to remove this and start
selling it on Amazon soon, so grab yours while it’s still free.

Hear what Sloane and I say to help Mary in our  dialog series answering questions from customers who are taking the Female Liquid Orgasm home study course.

Mary – Everywhere Gets Wet <== Free MP3 Audio

(Note on some browsers you may need to “right click” and select “save as” or “save target as” to download the mp3 audio file.)
Reminder:  Did you see Susan’s email about her “Insights to Intimacy” free dialog with Calle of TheMarriageYouWant? Episode #6 of 10 (Collect all ten!) is called, “What A Husband Can Do To Get His Wife To Yes.<== Click to Listen

Calle says, your lady might think the way you make love to her is a “stale, repulsive routine.”

Brrrrr! I hope to hell not!

But just in case, better listen up, sweetie pie.

URGENT! Two weeks until Valentine’s Day. She’d love a card, chocolates (a small box of good quality is best) and something sparkly.

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Tallulah Sulis

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