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“Hours of Orgasms” with Maverick Masterson

“Hours of Orgasms” with Maverick Masterson

A master plan for giving women hours of orgasmic pleasure… <=== Click Here To Listen

Maverick Masterson is a single man in his late forties who dates multiple women with full disclosure and agreement. He practices safe sex and conscious communication with his partners.

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Maverick knows how to hold women in hours of orgasmic pleasure from expanded orgasm and female liquid orgasm. He’s also experienced in G-Spot awakening. He has his own stroke portfolio of techniques and has studied female anatomy and learned sexual communication skills such as “Thank You,” “Sandbox Dates,” “Touching for Rapture,” “the Four Keys to Seduction,” “Reporting in from your animal,” and many other core concepts from Personal Life Media’s adult sexual education programs.

Maverick is like many of Personal Life Media’s customers, learning and applying these core concepts to increase the intimacy and passion in his sexual connections.

I felt it would be in service to your growth to interview Maverick about his coming of age in his sexuality so you can see his progression to mastery, how he views lovemaking and giving women hours of orgasms. Let’s find out how he does what he does.


What is it about you that makes you unique?

Could any man know and do what you do?

When you think about women and orgasm, how do you categorize them?

How would you describe your sexual skills and how would you compare them to earlier in your life? What do you know now that puts you significantly ahead in understanding how to give a woman hours of orgasms?

Give us the 10,000′ perspective about how you approach the experience of giving a woman hours of orgasms.

What’s in it for you?

Do women WANT hours of orgasms?

Take us through a representative date.

What are the three most important sexual communication skills you practice?

What are the three most important advanced sexual mastery techniques you practice?

What are the “gotchas?” What can go wrong when you are giving a woman hours of orgasms?

Explain your stroking strategy. How does it differ by individual woman? Do you follow a routine? How do you stroke? What about oral? Intercourse?

What is it like when you give a woman Expanded Orgasms?

What is it like when you give a woman Female Liquid Orgasms?

How can a guy talk his skeptical partner into letting him learn on her?

With love,
Susan Bratton

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