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Seven Areas of Energy, "Sex Talk" Questions, Are You Dysfunctional? [Link Digest]

This week we wanted you to connect with her, help her to communicate with you and open up sensually so she’ll see your worth and you will be able to finally get what you deserve.

“In My Family, We Don’t Talk About Our Feelings.”
Has your life been like Taber’s? Read her story
and find out how soulful communication helped her.

How To Get The Kind of (Sex)Life You Want [7 Steps]
If you believe you’re not desirable, or that your
partner doesn’t match your sexual appetite,
tap into this seven areas of energy to bring
your dreams to reality.

27 “Sex Talk” Questions To Ask Her
Here are 27 questions you can use for the
“Sit Down”  so she will be relaxed and
open up sensually.
Are You Dysfunctional? Is your lover?
Find out more about setting boundaries,
giving and getting affection, compassionate
communication, how to access your emotions,
connected sexuality and self-love.

Give Love Tonight.

With love,
Susan Bratton

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