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FWD: can you swallow something that fixes the problem?

FWD: can you swallow something that fixes the problem?

Have you tried those little blue pills?

I got this article from my friend Matt Cook and thought it was so good I have reposted it here on our member’s blog for you.

Well, blue pills can be great when you want to be totally sure you can satisfy your lady for many hours of lovemaking, but they are not something you should rely on.

Matt has some solo activities you can do instead:

Today’s tip: What can

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 accomplish that you can’t do with what Big Pharma are trying to get you to take? How do these guys your doc is suggesting work? How can solo activities work better?

Matt Cook here, and today I want to talk about those little blue guys the doc is giving out.

I was going to address “when things go soft” but I had to rant a moment, and you’ll see why.

Your doc and my doc — they are trained by Big Pharma.

There is no money for research except for research that furthers the “take this, take that, take those” agenda. Follow the money — it’s all about increasing everyone’s dependence on Big Pharma.

I have a huge problem with this because I found simple solo activities that fix this problem and your doc hasn’t told you about this.


Because your doc is trained by Big Pharma. He doesn’t know about my simple solo activities.

This really gets me upset. I am a calm and happy person but men are being screwed over SO bad.

I’m just grateful you found me here.

So on to today’s topic, enough rants, LOL.

Those blue guys whether it’s by any of the Big Pharma companies all work the same way.

When your member stands at attention, it fills with blood. The mechanism that fills it is nitric oxide, a chemical that your body produces and that is also produced in your heart muscle.

Nitric oxide tells these organs to fill with blood basically.

Normally, the nitric oxide is there for a bit and then it is removed by another chemical.

The stuff the doc gives you from Big Pharma interferes with the removal of nitric oxide.

So the blood stays around longer than it normally would.

But this doesn’t actually create high quality wood in about 40% of guys who take them.

And, besides that, there are side issues including other things that interfere such as heart medicine so you have to be careful.

Plus, who wants to depend upon them to get what should come naturally?

Finally, they cost a lot. So between all these disadvantages, I say, why take them if you don’t need to?

On the other hand, if you do take them I have no problem with that. I think they are in general very safe.

But I personally make it my mission not to take anything other than a few supplements.

And I have learned how to avoid having to take anything.


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 and have the time of their life. Better than when they were a teenager.

Now, if you’re 75 you aren’t going to be better than you were as a teenager, granted. BUT…  you can have a far better time.


By learning stuff and practicing solo activities that retrain your brain.

See, none of us have had any training in this and it’s supposed to come naturally.

But it doesn’t. It’s ridiculous to think that there isn’t miles of room for improvement in the bedroom department just as in anything else.

In fact, just a few tricks can really get you going and her going in a way you never experienced because you have learned these tricks instead of just doing what comes naturally.

So although I don’t want you to have to take anything unnatural to get wood, I do want you to be conscious of some new tricks in your brain so you can have a far, far better time and she can too. That’s my mission.

If you want a jump start, go here now

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–Matt Cook

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