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Invitation: Men’s Telesummit [Zero Cost!]

Invitation: Men’s Telesummit [Zero Cost!]


You are invited!

Please tune in to my no-cost segment on the Men’s Telesummit 2013:

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Mark your calendar for May 21st at 7pm CDT. The segment is

free and there will be a recorded version available for a short

time IF you register in advance.

To many men, “seduction” is a dirty word that smacks of manipulation or covert operations. Many guys aren’t even aware that the art of seduction is a learnable skill that will bring immense pleasure to their woman (and themselves). They consider seduction manipulative or covert. It’s NOT! And in this segment, Susan Bratton, a champion for all men who seek to be better lovers, will show you how to bring any woman to her most heightened state of arousal. . . Even from a dead stop. Susan will give you an easy system that works for a lifetime and gives her the romance she hungers for and you the mind-blowing sex you crave. Are you ready to lead your woman to her sensual potential, while being in full integrity? Discover how to lead your lady to her sensual potential. Perfect for both singles and married men, Susan will be giving you a free eBook called, “She’s A Yes To You” as well as 3 conversation starters that will thrill your gal.

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In today’s rapidly changing world, men are constantly facing very difficult challenges in the areas of work, relationships and spiritual life. May 7 – 23, join Mankind Project Co-Founder Bill Kauth and former Mankind Project Chairman David Kaar along with 21 other renowned experts, for a very special Men’s Tele-Summit.  These highly regarded specialists will be interviewed on 21 topics, where they specifically address these critical issues with clarity, depth, insight and humor. Speaking of humor, World Famous Comedian, Yakov Smirnoff, will be highlighting the value and use of humor in solving many of man’s most difficult relationship problems. 

During Week One, Saniel Bonder, Dennis Lewis, Daniel Gutierrez, Stephen Dinan, Debra Poneman, Terry Patten and Craig Hamilton will be participating in powerful conversations about Spirit and its application in every aspect of a man’s life.

In Week Two, Chris Attwood, Randy Crutcher, Vic Johnson, Zappy Zapolin, Ryan Harris, James Braha, Lama Surya Das and host Lewis Denbaum will be focusing on how men can create greater mastery, satisfaction and success in work, career and business.

Week Three focuses on relationships and will include important, insightful and highly valuable discussions concerning community, mentoring, family, intimacy, romance and sex. Our week three experts are Bill Kauth, Susan Bratton, David Kaar, Lion Goodman, Richard Platt, Mark Schillinger, Yakov Smirnoff and Michael Taylor.

Since our intent is to help create real and lasting improvements in men’s lives, there will be an emphasis on that which is practical and effective. Attention will also be given to skills necessary for balancing and integrating spirit, work and relationships, since men often find this particularly challenging.

At the end of each interview there will be an opportunity for some lively Q & A. You can conveniently access interviews by Phone or PC and best of all This Timely Tele-Summit is Free.

It’s Spring and its baseball season, which means its time for us men to step up to the plate and become re-invigorated, re-energized and refocused on excelling at the game of life. We warmly and wholeheartedly welcome you to join us at this exciting and transformational event. For Your Free Registration,

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This event is of major interest, value and benefit and it’s Free. The People you know will love and appreciate hearing about it, so we would greatly appreciate your help in getting the word out. And please, share not only with men but women too.

A Special Message to the Women Who See This Page

You undoubtedly have many men in your lives: fathers, brothers, other male relatives, bosses, co-workers, business associates and friends.  These men would greatly benefit from the sage and practical advice being offered by our 23 experts.  Men’s Tel-summits are fairly rare, so we encourage you to share this information with as many men as possible. Also, please note that in any of your relationships with men that aren’t going so well, that man’s participation in this event could prove very helpful.

And here are three great reasons why you, as a woman, would want to attend:

1) You, along with many other woman, may be surprised to find that you’re as excited as most men, if not more so, about attending an event like ours, where the focus is on how men can live happier, better and more successful lives.

2) Since we’re all first and foremost human beings, much of the material being presented at our Men’s Telesummit will also work very, very well for woman.

3) Some topics and speakers will be of extra-special interest to women. For example: Susan Bratton is an award-winning speaker and internationally-renowned author who works with her techno-inventor husband, Tim, providing online home study programs for men and couples who want more intimacy and passion. On May 21 at 7PM CDT she will be speaking about “Full Integrity Seduction”.

Just know that you are warmly welcome to join us and that we would love to have you.

Again, Attendance Is Free

For more on speakers, topics, schedules and Your Free Registration,

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