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Squirt Tip #1: Kneel

Squirt Tip #1: Kneel

It’s FLO Week!

“FLO Week” is our week-long celebration of Female Liquid Orgasm. . . the online home study course for giving women multiple ejaculatory orgasms.

Here’s a hot tip for you:

A handy way to help your lady squirt – whether it’s her first time or she wants to express more volume of liquid is. . . Gravity.

Have her kneel on the bed while you use my trademark stroke patterns. This way, any ejaculate that comes out will be more visible and reward your progress.

Often the first time a woman ejaculates she will feel the moisture before you can even see it. Over time, a well spring becomes a trickle becomes a squirt becomes a gush!

I recommend you two watch the first set of very artsy, female-friendly videos in FLO together. This way your lady can see other women squirting and know what to expect. Then you watch the technique videos that take you step by step through an entire squirt date to see all my trademark stroke patterns.

Plus, if you get stuck, know that all of these questions are answered inside Female Liquid Orgasm:

Do you know how to troubleshoot?

– What if IT’S Not Happening?

– She Got The “Pee Feeling” – But Nothing Happened.

– Her G-Spot Feels Numb Or Strange when you stimulate it.

– Do you know how to Awaken Her G-Spot?

Is Ejaculation The Orgasm? Or does it go with an orgasm?

What If Her Ejaculation Is Sporadic?

There are so many unknowns. . . and it’s easy to be prepared in advance. . . So you know exactly what to do about whatever comes up.

You need my foolproof method to lead her with confidence.

Plus, if she doesn’t believe she can do it. . . Do you know how to encourage her until she does?

Let other guys hammer away at their woman. Let them fail as they underestimate how much…

YOUR success relies on HER emotional and mental state, not on what her body can naturally do anyway.

Let me give you this book:

What Is Female EjaculationThe Truth And Myths About Female Ejaculation <=== Grab Your Gift

When you opt-in (safe) you get to see an outrageous new video called, “Asparagus Proof” about Katherine who is a self-proclaimed “science nerd” and squirter.

Plus, once you enter your email I will be sending you a series of “Ejaculatory Stories” where Sloane interviewed me and four of my girlfriends who are all squirters so you could listen to the range of experiences we all have with our G-Spot ejaculations.

If you are not having squirting orgasms with your lover, it’s time, darling. This is truly a wonderful experience to share with your woman.

Even if she doesn’t come from intercourse you can help her have this exquisite experience with your fingers, tongue and/or manhood.

If your lady doesn’t squirt yet, find out the 10 reasons why. It’s FLO Week!

All this week Dr. Patti, Sloane, Susan and I will be giving you tips about female ejaculation.

  • If you want your gal to have early success ejaculating (and yes, ALL women are physically able) Squirting Orgasm Mastery 2.0 has been completely redone. This is the online video series with Marcus London and beautiful adult stars which is great fun to watch for even more ideas like animalistic squirting and deep impact positions for men of a smaller size. Check it out here:
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  • Jason Julius’ Female Orgasm Blueprint is another highly recommended training for G-Spot orgasms. When you opt-in (safe) for this video you will learn all about finding and stroking the G-Spot in this EXCELLENT free video
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  • Alexa and Lexi will explain to you the woman’s mind and how to lead her into all sorts of adventures with Squirting Orgasm On Command. This foolproof technique gives any woman an explosive squirting orgasm, and I’ve personally reviewed this information and stand behind it 100%.
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When you’re in the learning stage it’s a luxury you both deserve to own all three. What’s more important than the deep intimate connection you share with your lover?

Open The Floodgates!

** Dont’ forget your free ebook:


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