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Breast Massage Game Plan

Breast Massage Game Plan

When you finally have the Steamy Sex Ed collection of DVD’s that give her ideas for new positions, new oral techniques, even erotic massage. . .

She’s going to be waiting by the TV when you get home, eager to jump into bed and “do some homework.”

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About 5 minutes into any one of the 8 DVD’s in the Steamy Sex Ed collection and her Yoni is going to get wet and she’s going to start to feel really turned on. Do NOT jump her bones too early. Let the tension build.

Have her lean back against your chest and slowly rub warm massage oil onto her arms and shoulders and then onto her breasts. Do NOT go right for her nipples! Slowly cup each breast, swirl your fingertips around the base of her breasts, underneath – where the seam is that attaches her breast tissue to her chest.

Run your well-oiled fingertips from the bottom of her breastbone up to her throat. Feather your fingers out from the center of her chest onto her breasts, but Do NOT touch her nipples yet!

Rub your palms from above her nipples up to her collarbones. Then surreptitiously and almost imperceptibly brush the backs of your fingers across her nipples just once.

Is she starting to squirm?

Breathe in her ear and tell her how much you love the feel of her breasts. Tell her how sexy she is to you. Thank her for watching the DVD’s with you. Let her feel your hardness for her.

Start the tickling, swiping, twirling your fingers on her skin and add nipple brushes in to the mix. Every once in a while, bite her neck and roll the tips of her nipples between your thumb and forefinger. Keep this up until she jumps your bones.

In order for all of this to work as planned you actually have to buy the DVD’s!

I think we’re very likely going to sell out because this is just a damn good idea whose time has come.

The guys on my list LOVE sexy videos. This is the first time we’ve offered physical DVD’s shipped to your home. I only made 200 copies in time for you to have sex all through Thanksgiving as you binge-watch these sexy DVD’s.

If you want to be one of the lucky men who get a copy, get on the EARLY NOTIFICATION list so you can buy one day in advance of the lame slackers who are not on the early bird list.

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I cannot guarantee you a copy even if you are on the list – you’d better set an alert on your calendar for November 14th and I’ll send you an Early Notification Link that day.

Good luck! I hope you get a copy.

And I want to hear how she liked this breast massage while you watched the erotic Steamy Sex Ed DVD’s together.

Steamy Sex Ed DVD

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