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Dominate Her Sexually

Dominate Her Sexually

Dear Sloane,

I would like to try new things in the bedroom and I wish my husband were more adventurous.

Can you recommend something that would make him more dominant in bed?

My fantasy is for him to come up with a bunch of new ideas and lead me through them.

I’d like him to just tell me what to do.

How can I get him to take control?

I love your emails and your programs. Your advice is great.

Can you help me?

♥ Jana (Secretly Slutty)

Dear Jana,

I loved your salutation! I’m calling you “Secretly Slutty Jana” from now on because so many of us women feel that way.

You are appreciated for your appetite. I am a compatriot in having a lot of sexual desire and enjoying a lot of variety.

When my lover takes charge and runs me menus of small offers* as he ramps up my arousal, I come like crazy.

Being made love to and meeting my man in desire and surrender is the highlight of my life, along with the love I feel for my friends and family.

And erotic adventure keeps making your sex life sexier.  So here’s what I recommend. . .

Go watch this video (or better, send your husband the link and tell him you want him to watch it for you).

It’s about having dominant sexual power. . .

It’s for men who want to rule the bedroom. . .

Who want to take charge and come their lady like no tomorrow.

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Just a few of these dominant moves and techniques along with communicating what feels good and what could feel even better will show your man it’s safe to take charge and lead you to uncharted pleasure territory.

Frankly, I couldn’t be with a man who didn’t take charge so I could surrender to the experience.

So I’m truly glad you asked, Jana. Because it’s no fun to be secretly slutty.

It’s way more fun to be out and out slutty with your lover in the privacy of your own bedroom.

Some Dominant Sexual Power skills will go a long way in getting you two going for the most amazing sex of your lives.

Let me know how it goes!

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The Seduction Trilogy
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