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Things You Should Know About Cervical Orgasm

Things You Should Know About Cervical Orgasm

I appreciate the challenging questions we get from readers like you and here’s another one:

I think cervical massage is too deep to reach with fingers. How could we reach to the cervix to massage it? Should we insert our hands? Is it comfortable for the lady?
How distant (average) is the cervix from the vulva? — MK

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Now, here is the answer to MK’s question about cervical stimulation:

Dear MK,

The cervix is located at the top end of the vaginal canal and is the entrance to a woman’s womb or uterus. Though I have read about women who like to be so deeply penetrated that their cervix takes a thrusting, I haven’t talked to many women personally who desire this.

You didn’t tell me why you want to know this. Is it something you think you should be providing or something your lover is asking you for?

Please check with her first to find out if she even wants this level of penetration, ok?

Since each woman is built uniquely, it’s impossible for me to tell you the distance from her introitus (vaginal entrance) to her cervix.

As well, at different times of the month her hormonal fluctuations change the landscape of her vagina.

Her state of arousal also changes her vaginal depth.

Make absolutely certain she is fully engorged before you put anything inside her.

ENGORGEMENT is when you stroke and arouse her so that you fill her vulva with blood so that she enjoys the pleasurable sensations of lovemaking.

If you and your lady want to explore the heights of her vaginal canal, you may be able to get a finger up inside her and feel her cervix.

Please make sure your hands are well lubricated before inserting a finger.

Use high quality, light colored organic food-grade oil such as grape seed, coconut or avocado oil that you get at a grocery store.

If your finger won’t reach and she wants to feel the palpations up that deeply, you can also insert (with her full approval) a dildo inside her.

A dildo, also called a dong, is shaped like a phallis. You can put a condom on it to keep it clean for reuse and use lube to insert it.

Go slowly and have a lot of dialog with your partner to find what feels good to her.  Take it slowly and carefully.

If you are thinking that you need to stroke her cervix to give her a cervical orgasm, allow me to explain that sometimes people call a deep, abdominal orgasm a cervical orgasm.

You do not absolutely have to massage the cervix directly to give a woman what is called a cervical orgasm.

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