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Make Women Lust After You

Make Women Lust After You

You’ve probably already heard that women are hardwired to want what they can’t have.

Or, that you’ve got to “play” hard to get.

Well, did you know there is a specific way to do this that triggers her “chase reflex”?

It involves a weird little mind game called “The Scrambler” that plants an idea in her head and causes her to fall in lust with you.

It creates a “chain reaction” that she has no control over.

Discover how to use this “odd” but effective trick to completely take over a girl’s mind.

Watch the video of  “The Scrambler” revealed. If you’re not comfortable with “tricks” do not watch.

I will warn you, its kind of sneaky, and you definitely only want to use it on a girl you really like (because girls get very attached).

Enjoy! (and use with caution)

And the best part is, “The Scrambler” reverses a girl’s opinion of you

– which means you can use it even if she’s already rejected you, or given you the ‘it’s over’ speech.

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