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How To Seduce A Woman By Talking

How To Seduce A Woman By Talking

“The art of seduction is knowing what she wants and slowly giving it to her in a way that takes her breath away…”

Before you can seduce a woman with your touch, you must be able to seduce her ______________. (fill in the blank)


You must be able to seduce her MIND.


With your words.

See below about “flipping her chase switch” so she is the one chasing you.

This works on ANY woman.

Because these aren’t petty one-liners and pick-up lines that only work on adventurous party girls.

These are intelligent conversation starters that get a woman engaged and invested in exchanging some mouth magic with you.

Imagine walking up to ANY woman right now at this moment.

Do you know what you’re going to say to her?

Do you know what to talk about after that first topic?

How about the next one after that?

And the next one?

Unless you’re already super-friendly and loose when talking to gorgeous women, you’ll want to have a cheat sheet handy.

The ability to have amazing conversations that spark sexual chemistry is one thing that is going to cause you to have lots of hot sex, and a much happier relationship.

That’s why I think the skill of using your tongue to communicate might be the #1 skill when it comes to pleasing women.

My friend and leading dating coach, Jon Sinn just put out a very special guide that shows you exactly how to have effortless conversations that lead to sexual fireworks.

For a limited time, he is making this guide available to my subscribers at a HUGE discount.

That’s a STEAL considering the fact that you’ll have the ability to walk up to ANY woman and effortlessly start highly-engaging conversations with them.

Seduce a woman’s mind… to seduce her body.

Do that in the right order and the panties start dropping.

One of the things that Jon shows you is something he calls “flipping the chase switch.” This is is a fun, sexy way to turn the tables on your woman so she is the one who chases YOU and not the other way around.

This is a great strategy because women want to be seduced by a powerful man who they just can’t get enough of — rather than a weakling who chases after them.

Another thing that Jon talks about in the program is how to create amazing chemistry through the power of asking the right questions.

Believe it or not, when you ask questions the RIGHT way, your woman won’t be able to get enough of you.

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  1. To seduce a woman is to seduce her mind first….What a great idea. I am impressed by the deliberations.

  2. Nice and interesting to have this and understanding the sexual benefit and prepartion to sexual life so appreciating and interesting.

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