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8 Astral Ballets In August

8 Astral Ballets In August

Here’s what this month’s space events could mean for you…

This August is packed with astral events that could mean a game changer for your life.

Many people believe that stars, meteor showers, and eclipses affect our lives.

They point to how magnetic energy is altered as these heavenly bodies get into position a certain way.

If you like astrology, or even if you’re just slightly interested about the topic, there are 8 astral events for the month of August that you might want to take advantage of.

Some of these have already happened.

Like in August 2nd when Saturn and the Moon could be seen near each other.

Or the partial lunar eclipse in August 7th, the Perseid Meteor Shower in August 12th, and when the Moon was visible near the the orange-hued star Aldebaran in August 16th.

You’ve missed those already. But there are some BIG astral events coming.


On August 19th, Venus and the Moon will be visible near each other.

On August 21st, you’ll see a total solar eclipse. This is the most talked about celestial event of the year. Astrology enthusiasts have been marking their calendars for this monumental event.

On August 25th, it’s Jupiter’s turn to be visible near the Moon.

And on the 30th, Saturn and the Moon will come together once more for a “second act” photo opportunity.

What do these all mean for you?

Other than being wonderful photo opportunities you can brag about, or enjoy stargazing with friends and family…

There may be more “significant” events that will take place for you as a result of these astral ballets.

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