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SYHO Video Lesson 9: Solo Scene and Conclusion

Watch a woman have an explosive series of ejaculations solo.
You’ll be inspired to try it yourself once you see her. Not to be missed.

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6 Responses

  1. This may happen with very few people, but with 99% of the population, this will never happen, we’re just not there.

  2. thank you Florence! i will also be learning solo. i was a bit aprehensive, but after your comment am ready to go! Thank you!

  3. Such a beautiful and inspiring video. Thanks for sharing what may be possible with an open mind. Wonderful narration and sensual video images. Most women and have no idea that this sexual bliss and human communication may be possible. A whole new way to view and express and celebrate sexuality.

  4. Florence you are an inspiration! My wife and I are 52 and it makes us feel good that our age is not against us!

  5. I have just started to discover my body all over again at the age of 53 yrs due to your program and am overwhilmed and thankfull to be able to experience this even without being able to share it with a partner at the moment.

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