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Female Ejaculation for Pleasure, Healing, and Connection: Dr. Patti Talks to Me

Dr. Patti Taylor artfully interviews me about my product, Squirt Your Heart Out, which I created expressly for women who want to learn to ejaculate.

Female Ejaculation – or squirting –  can be enjoyed for pleasure, healing, and connection.

Women everywhere are having profound experiences when they achieve this kind of ultimate orgasmic experience. Many married women want to learn how to have liquid orgasms before they broach their desire with their husbands. Other women are already ejaculating and want to either know more about it or take their experience into the realm of multiple, ejaculatory orgasms. And there are legions of single women who are taking matters into their own hands, literally, to coax their elixir from themselves using manual stimulation or G-Spot toys.

There was no product on the market that took a woman’s perspective and the mind/body/spirit approach, and so I created Squirt Your Heart Out for all the women in the world who want to unleash their explosive sexual power.

On Dr. Patti’s show, I share how can men help women have these ejaculations. Why is this potentially such an emotional and often deep experience. And if this can be learned in the comfort of your own home. (yes!)

Also, I talk about what the learning curve is like for women who have not yet ejaculated.

If you are considering honing your skills to help your woman have these exquisite releases, listen to this show to gain great perspective and some juicy tips!

First is part one and then below is also part two. It’s a continued series.


Part TWO Expanded Lovemaking episode 129: Female Ejaculation for Pleasure, Healing, and Connection: Dr. Patti Talks to Tallulah Sulis, Somatic Educator, Filmmaker, and Creator of “Squirt Your Heart Out” and “Female Liquid Orgasm.”


NOTE – You may need to “right click”  on the purple download button and select “Save Link As” to download the mp3 file, depending on your browser and installed plug-ins such as Quicktime.

With love,
Tallulah Sulis


  1. I’am a young girl and the man I love my partner is much older and we have been together for years and I have not cum one time yes I did ejaculate but that’s it my pussy gets so wet how do I just let go and go with the flow

  2. Hi Tallulah,
    Since your ‘speciality’ is ‘Squirting Female Ejaculation’, perhaps you should adopt the pseudonym of ‘Aquae Sulis’ which means; ‘the waters of Sulis’. (This also happens to be the Roman name for the ‘sacred spa hot water spring’ in the city of Bath in England).

  3. Only halfway through part 1 as I type this but had to comment on the point about how men feel I can say this. I personally LOVE when my partner squirts, explodes, soaks the whole bed, and I’ve taught a couple women how.

    My best friend who happens to be VERY “alpha-male” is nowhere near as crazy about it.In fact he really does NOT like it much at all.

    I’ve never thought too much about how he could possibly not absolutely love it like I do until now when Tallulah suggested that some men may be “intimidated” by it. Makes perfect sense!!

    Awesome interview ladies!! Very good and fun information. 🙂

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