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The Pressure Is On! G-Spot Stroking Advice

The G-Spot, as Deborah Sundahl likes to say, is a “separate animal” than the clitoris.  Therefore you will be using different stroking techniques with the G-Spot than you would the clit.

The clit usually likes fast stroking and vibration.  Some women prefer horizontal strokes and others prefer vertical.  Some women prefer direct clitoral stimulation while others prefer stimulating the clitoral hood.  Each woman has her specific ways that she likes her clit stimulated, and the best ways to find out how she likes it is if you communicate and experiment with various pressure, speeds, toys, vibrations, and techniques.  Some women do best with vibration, others with oral, and others with manual stimulation while others like to stimulate their clit themselves while their partner focuses on the G-Spot.

Speaking of the G-Spot, as I said earlier, it is a whole different ball game with technique and stimulation.

The G-Spot can actually take very firm pressure that can be built up to after she is sufficiently aroused and engorged.

The G-Spot is comprised of erectile tissue and actually increases in size and even balloons out when she is very turned on. You can use vibration on the G-Spot, but it is not necessary.  Most G-Spot toys are made out of glass, steel or pirex because these firm objects feel best for many women when it comes to G-Spot stimulation.  A flimsy rubbery dildo can do the trick for some women, but I recommend finding a toy that is very hard because the G-Spot can take firmer pressure.

Many women who have their G-Spots stimulated by themselves or with their partner complain that they don’t know what all the fuss is about.  Many of them do not realize that they could be using much firmer pressure.  If you are manually stimulating her, slowly build up to a nice firm pressure and keep checking in with her to find out if the pressure is too much or if she could use even more.

In terms of speed, many women feel differently about that.  Some women like very firm intense thrusting and pressure on their G-Spots while other like more of a slow, deep, milking of their G-Spot.

If you are used to going straight into performance mode and hope for the best during sessions with your partner, I recommend that you try to schedule or create sessions with her where she can guide you and together you can explore her G-Spot and its dimensions, where the most sensitive places are and what kind of pressure she really likes.

Every woman is different, and what works well on one woman might not for the next.  Furthermore, what worked really well in one session with her might not work for the next.  So communicate as much as you possibly can with her to understand how you can be more in tune with her needs for that moment.

Release your expectations and surrender to the present moment with her.  All kinds of orgasmic possibilities await!

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