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The Tantric Facet of Female Ejaculation – Getting to the Heart of Her Yoni

What is a “Yoni*?” It’s her vaginal area – it’s just a softer, more loving word used by many people these days. What IS “Amrita?” It’s another word for the fluid that comes out of a woman’s urethra when she ejaculates. Did you know there are 2 most highly sensitive parts of a woman’s G-Spot? Once you have an accurate map of her anatomy, you can get really good at finding these different sensitive areas and showing her how they feel different, yet both delicious. I’m devoted to teaching you everything you need to know to experience this delicious pleasure.
On this audio journey, you’ll hear about:

How long it typically takes to awaken her G-Spot, if  a couple is working together, to help a woman achieve ejaculatory orgasms. (There are 27 slow-sex warm up techniques you can use to get started.)

What I recommend you do to take the pressure to perform off yourself and her.

Find out all this and more on today’s audio session with the charming and super sultry, Francesca Gentille on her show, Tantra and Kama Sutra.

If you enjoy a heart and spirit-centered approach to your l0vemaking, this soulful conversation is for you.

This sacred, soul-of-sex approach is a unique perspective on female ejaculation.

Many people consider the fluid that comes out of a woman’s urethra during sex to be the “nectar of the heart.” Ejaculate itself is a potent substance and many think it has a “high energetic” value. Some men love to have their woman release her heavenly nectar all over him, or even drink it.

You might be curling up your nose at this moment, or getting totally excited. Remember, “different strokes.”

No matter what, her ejaculate is truly the sacred nectar of the divine feminine and warrants celebration.

Tantric Yoni

When she ejaculates, it’s a very deep experience for her. Not only is it physically deep within her body, but the orgasmic release is more whole-body than the typical clitoral orgasm. Typically, G-Spot stimulation has more emotional energy to it than clitoral stimulation too.

The tissue in the G-area can hold vulnerability and create an emotional release
that brings you closer to your lover and generates a magical space with you and your partner.

As well, the G-Spot requires less “vibrational” sensation and more pressure sensation, that’s why the toys for G-area stimulation are not vibrators and why, when the G-Spot is touched by a penis, no matter how turned on she is, you should go slowly.

In this interview, find out how to handle the vagina’s magic and mystery of its “moods.” The best way a couple can study together and learn together and how to create that beautiful sacred energy and heart connection.

Tantric Tip: I’ve created an 11-step guide to Yoni massage. I suggest you offer your gal a no-strings-attached sensual massage every day. It will relax her and expand her sensation. Coming up, my recommendation for the kind of lubes and oils I find best for Yoni massage and beyond.


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With love,
Tallulah Sulis

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  1. Very helpful. Thank you

  2. Your comment on the G spot and the firm touch as opposed to vibration is interesting; my view was really the contrary however what can you tell me about orgasm as related to squirting. Is squirting possible with all women.

    • Hi Ron,

      Yes… all women can squirt. In most cases their g-spots are not ready to squirt however. They need a patient partner to caress and coax them to their full feminine potential.

  3. Its an out standing to know about G spot and female ejaculation The most helpful segment was that where you both discuss the MOODS of vagina this is something new I learnt .Thank you

  4. Hi Thank you very helpfull!

    We trying with my wife to bring this feeling for her since not very long.

    Recently she came trough G-spot orgasm and she was shaking, the whole body was shaking of her, after she said that she never felt something like this before and want more 🙂 which of which I was very happy ;-). Now we trying the sqwirting but she feeling some kind reserved about it, same time very curious. Is there anything I can do to make her feel more comfortable with it ?


    • Michael, My good man;
      Always take your time, instead of being a detriment time is always beneficial!! Encourage her to follow Tallulah’s directions, as well as you also!! Give her lots of positivity!! Make sure she knows it’s OK with you, it will be OK with her!! You both will enjoy but good!!!

  5. I am trying with my wife but she do not allow me to put my fingers inside she is afraid of getting infection. she gets vaginal infections very soon every 2 to 3 months she gets vaginal infections

    • Is your wife getting frequent yeast or bacterial infections? Are you both bathing before sex? Are you keeping your penis out of her anus – not switching back and forth? Are you using a natural lubrication like avocado or coconut oil without chemicals? Is this vaginal infection the same recurrent infection that never gets completely treated? Have you taken her to her gynecologist for an exam? Are you cleaning and trimming your nails? Talk to her about this in more depth. Is she saying she has an infection to get out of having sex with you? Get to the bottom of the issue. Solve her infections first. Then go from there.

      • Great Teaching Methodology Susan i Like it.

  6. these post really help me and gives me a better insight. thank you.

    • Thank you!

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