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Where The Heck Does All That Liquid Come From?

The Scientific Debate Ensues: Where the heck does all that liquid come from?

One of the most common questions I get asked on a regular basis is, “where does all that liquid come from?”

While this should be a reasonably easy question to answer scientifically, it’s not.

We know this: Female Ejaculation comes out through the urethra
There are glands called the Skene’s glands which surround the urethral sponge/G-Spot and fill with the ejaculate when she is being stimulated and or aroused.  There are over 30 glands and ducts which feed into the urethral canal and are expelled when she pushes out the fluid or releases it.

It can be a spurt, squirt, splash, dribble, drip, drench, or drizzle.

So what’s the problem?  Where’s the debate, right?
Well, what happens when there are profuse amounts of ejaculate?  I’m talking cupfuls and amounts that can soak through a mattress or wet an entire bed.  How do those little glands produce such large amounts of fluid so quickly?

At first scientists said that those large amounts could only be urine.

We know that those Skene’s glands are similar to lactation, they are continuously producing the ejaculate, but this phenomenon still had scientists stumped when trying to reconcile particularly large amounts of ejaculate with those small glands.

Okay, so let’s go back to the idea that some of the ejaculate might come from the bladder.  Since scientists tested female ejaculate and found that it is made up of prostatic fluid with only trace amounts of urea they just couldn’t go with the urine theory.

Scientists also realized that there are all kinds of chemical and hormonal reactions happening in the body during arousal and orgasm. What if some of this fluid was coming from the bladder or kidneys, but was a hormonally altered fluid of arousal?

Scientists decided that the hormone responsible for all of this glorious gushing is called, aldosterone.

Hmmmm… Okay, so what happens when a woman ejaculates enough to completely soak the mattress but has a full bladder and has to pee a lot immediately afterwards???

I guess female ejaculation has eluded science once again… Whatever your theory, enjoy the mystery!

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