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Hilarious Spoof on Tantric Sex (Video)

Hilarious Spoof on Tantric Sex (Video)


This will make you ROTFLMAO*…





*”Roll on the floor laughing my ass off.”


  1. Ū

  2. That was hilarious!!!

  3. freaking funny but i bet he got an over loaded nervs system which is bad ..

  4. I understand the power of suggestion; e.g. a laugh track with a video that’s supposed to be funny. But in this video, you have a laugh track, with people sitting in front of the “comedian” obviously unaffected by his performance. It begs the question: “What’s wrong with this picture?” Although I was not offended, I saw nothing funny about the video.

    • Jeff, the people in the front were apart of the sketch. The sketch however, was in front of a live audience which is where the laughing was coming from. No laugh track, as I believe it was a Canadian show…and we rarely use laugh tracks.
      Just FYI.

  5. Funny> The guy put up a great performance. For anybody thought that wasn’t funny, then you haven’t had much experience with a lot of women.

  6. It was very funny but also true in many ways i have to slow my wife down at times when this really happens to her at times just words will make her shake.

  7. It was so funny , he took
    All the stress of haveing
    A hard time looking for work
    it’s very refreshing to see people
    Still no how to laugh no matter
    One there going through
    So so so funny
    Carrington brown

  8. Where is the button to watch the video? NROTFLMAO

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