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Sacred Sexuality Round Up This Weekend

Sacred Sexuality Round Up This Weekend

One of the most beautiful things about sex between two lovers are the moments when you become one. Have you experienced that feeling of having a divine connection to all humanity through lovemaking?

I love the energy of “turn on.” I like the feeling of desire. It’s exciting when you can feel your passion for another. And when you are tapped into each other’s energy, as you feel them feeling you feeling them in a circuit that connects you to each other in rapture.

Like anything, there are skills and techniques you can learn to either have this in your life or to have MORE of it.

Many of my personal friends are participating in a real-life and virtual event called “The Sacred Sexuality Round Up.”

Rachel Cherwitz and Anton Diaz are both leaders in expanded orgasm technique, often called Orgasmic Meditation.

Authors Jena LaFlamme and her husband, Michael Ellsberg are speaking on Conscious Loving.

Annie Lalla will teach you how to handle conflict in relationships.

And Reid Mihalko, organizer of this quality event, is an amazing master of ceremonies.

This particular line up of Tantrikas, Dakas and Dakinis and Intimacy Coaches is extraordinarily well curated.

If you’d have an interest in expanding your mindfulness around lovemaking and taking your sexual IQ to the next level, I haven’t seen a better group of masters to open your eyes and your heart.

This sensual event is being broadcast LIVE on the Internet, September 24-26, 2010 or you can go in person if you are in the NY area.  All the content will be archived and there’s a Pay Per View option too.

Don’t miss the Tantra Lounge Party or the Puja (which is also a kind of fun, sensual party) too.

There are over thirty great presenters all gathered into one amazing weekend. If you’ve been curious, these are wonderful teachers who will make you feel so welcome and teach you so much.

QUEST.TV will broadcast the event online Friday night through Sunday night.

Please CLICK HERE for more information.

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