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  1. Yes i want to learn how to make girl squirt!!!

    • Yes I have known this to work with women who are sexually in tune with their body a women who does not know her own capabilities to achieve full climax will never ever reach that goal, Until she learns to release her inner orgasm of total sexual pleasure. Now it is true with the right man he can teach a women who is willing to learn and trust herself as the man on how to achieve this full on Squirting orgasmic pleasure thruster bursting like the fourth of July explosion in full color and the rumbling of the bed just like you are in the middle of the firework show, YES YES this is True and like I said with the right man she can and will achieve this FULL ON Pleasure Orgasm but it wont work with a nerdy guy its just not going to happen no way not ever just wont work she has to see in her mind what and when it will happen and its best if she sees it happen before they even begin in foreplay. chewylyons at yahoo.cum cum cum ooh ya emmm

    • Hello Tallulah!thank you so much~as allways you once again;inform,inspire,instruct,…& well turn us on!pls,think about cloning~I luv you~thanks DaveR.

  2. thanks for your kindness , as a human , I believe that we all shall know about sex

  3. it is great

  4. Its amazing information that shows more about squirting orgasm. A strong passionate pleasing to women’s sexlife.

  5. yes i am very interested its my ist time to know the sqiurting method

    • Let us know how the eBook helped you.

      • Can i get a chance to have you as my partner?

  6. She is very happy and she want learn every thing about squirting to orgasm

    • It’s so nice when you have a willing partner! You will be able to make great progress together, Hesham!

      • I need a willing partner to do this. Where will I get one to try and experiment and see how it works. Just the thought is exciting.

        • mac once you learn to make a woman squrit and the gals
          find out you will not have finding partners I can all most
          guarantee, I wish I could learn to get (my) bride to it I
          have not tryed yet. And yes I said bride this is our second
          marriage 18yrs. And I say to her out in public, when
          introducing This my bride, we are in our 60s.

      • nice working

      • you welcome at any time to have experience under sunny beach

  7. Thank you,appreciate your support,great help.
    kind regards,

  8. nice work , thank you <3

    • This quite good.

  9. Not to be a Debbie Downer but these comments all look like they were made by the creators of the site.

    • They are all real 🙂

      Personal Life Media has been helping folks since 2006. There are over 5,000 members of our website and nearly 50,000 guys subscribed to our newsletter.

    • Hi, “That Guy,”
      All the comments on this site come from our fans, followers and visitors. We have no time to make stuff up. We’re too busy creating awesome information.
      Perhaps you cannot believe how good something can be? Stick with us! And thanks for letting us know you needed more proof. In the Internet, we could be dogs. But we’re not! Woof!

      • Thank you susan but i want to see you in Uganda

  10. I have made my wife squirt a few times. Would love to know how to make it an every time thing.

  11. Very informative material on sexology…believe me, I’m a gynecologist.

  12. I can’t seem to open it is there another way to access this?

    • Send an email with your questions to [email protected] and our team will help you login.

      • I need to know how to keep my man happy and sexually satisfied

  13. Thank you so much, my dear beautiful ladies, for bringing this wonderful work to me! I know just the girl I want to give these powerful orgasms!! It will be magnificent!!

    This girl already loves me so much, and would do anything for me. Really, I want to give back to her, but it’s selfish giving, because I enjoy her pleasure so much!

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this information!!


  14. I have met a lady. Now that’s all I can think about: her unbeliveable squirting….

  15. Just downloaded my copy…
    Can’t wait to dive right in…
    If I can learn how I as a woman squirt, then how to do it myself, then I can show my hubby…
    All I can say is…we’re gonna need more towels!!!!


  16. I will comment after I get result using the technic described in the book


  17. what is the name of the liquid that coming out during squirt ?

  18. Very informative and well written! I now have a much deeper understanding and appreciation of female anatomy thanks to your detailed explanations. I think your tip about telling the girl not to hold in the sensation of needing to pee is key, I didn’t know that before. Thank you so much!

  19. i want to learn more about making girls squirt

  20. Susan
    When are you going to post part 2 of your interview with Maverick
    Masterson? I found the first part very interesting.

  21. I need it all.

  22. Sorry I hit the wrong button. I just set you up. Sorry. Here is all that stuff I just typed boiled down.

    I think 20 minutes of hype on a product is unneccesary. Tell us what it is,get the guts of it told,then put the cart sign on and we are done. Rarely is a prouct so complicated it can’t be explained in five minutes. We all have busy lives so you can help lower the stress. Kep it short.
    Great products, great work by all. Thanks

  23. I second Tom’s request for the second part of Susan’s interview of Maverick Masterson. I was fascinated by the first part and would very much appreciate hearing the second part. I guess all of us have a smattering of the Walter Mitty in us. My fantasy (which I would like to seriously pursue) would be to take over for Maverick as soon as he has become satiated with all his successes with all of those lovely desiring women. He is incredible. Every bold man’s dream. Even his girlfriend allows and encourages him to continue his good work because she knows every woman deserves the experience that Maverick can and does provide.

  24. My wife squirted the first time we tried it. In fact, she squirted about 60 times that first night. Age doesn’t matter–both of us are in our 50’s. Shape doesn’t matter–both of us are significantly overweight. I did spend the last several months locating and stimulating her g-spot at nearly every opportunity. Now, it only takes a few minutes of foreplay before her g-spot swells, and a couple of minutes more before she squirts. She squirts almost constantly while we have intercourse, and she prefers that method to my fingers.

    • Wow… that is great to hear. Great job awakening her g-spot!

  25. Do you have any idea why a woman might squirt more (or only) after menopause?

    To my knowledge, I squirted once before age 50. Since then, I have soaked multiple items of clothing (grabbed desperately while climaxing to prevent damaging the mattress).

    Granted, I noted in your article that the “wet spot” I frequently experienced after partnered sex in my 20s might have been my ejaculate, instead of his as I’d assumed. But it was a “spot,” not half the mattress.

    I’ve experienced so many sexual changes since menopause that I had never heard about before — and I’m a fairly well-informed lady. After reading your article I googled various terms involving the Skene’s and Bartholomew glands, and I’m amazed at how little science has figured out about the anatomy of female pleasure. It was easy finding entries on cysts to these glands; far fewer articles exist on their role in female sexuality.

    Do you know of any good research on menopause and squirting?

  26. How do you view this stuff all Im getting is comments from other people

  27. Well, this really works, the skirting orgasm is the most powerful of all and you have to be careful who you do this with because if you do this with a woman you don’t want you’ll have trouble and I’ve had trouble with women I taught online, this is a great experience if you and her learn how to get the most out of it where you are making her get multiple orgasms, if you doubt this then you will be sorry because it’s about pleasing and making a woman feel so good with you she can’t go anywhere else, take it from me.

  28. That Guy, it wasn’t very nice of you to say what you said without having tried the method out, these wonderful women are given knowledge to men about what they don’t know about a woman’s body, do you know that a woman won’t tell you when you are not pleasing her especially if she loves you, men have failed for centuries in making love to women, men wonder why a women cheats or leave him and most of the time it’s because he’s not pleasing her, yes, so these women here are men’s life preserver so they can be more in tuned with their women and please them beyond their wildest dreams. This is a small fee to pay for a lifetime of pleasure, you talking about being her king well it’s right here for the taking.

    • Wow, I am a woman and I have read your post over and over again. It is truly inspriring that a man would want to please his woman as much. I am here because I am trying to get my husband interested in this stuff. We’ve been tpgether 20 years and our sex is boring if it happens at all. You are right on the money when you say that a woman will not tell her husband that he is not pleasing her. Congratulations on being so sensitive to a woman’s needs. Oh, and one more thing, when can we get together? (Just kidding). But I do wish you could talk to my husband sometime.

  29. Probably everything we know is wrong!

  30. Hi Susan, I would like to thank you and the team for putting it all together to make it happened. “Cheers!”

    • Heregul,
      Thank YOU, darling man.
      It is our pleasure and passion to support you.

  31. how can i order the book and the dvds

  32. This was a great insight for ppl that are just getting to know this. The technique is the important part,at least for me. There is a right way and wrong way. I am not bad at it and i get them to orgasm. It takes longer sometimes. Hard to get her to relax when it is getting close to time. If i could get a technique to make a faster ejaculation. I think i would be ok, but a good report netherless. Thank you.

  33. Thank you very much please. It’s really great and wonderful.


  35. After being married for almost thirty years to an uptight nonsexual woman I wondered if all women were like her. I lived with another woman for six months and had the best sex of my life! I taught her how to squirt! She told me as she left (due to other reasons) that it was the best, most sexually satisfying time of her life too. That made life worth living!

  36. How can I find a partner to learn this with? I’m ready willing and able to do so

  37. Interested call and will purchase 832-368-4010

  38. Yes i want to improve
    my techniques because its a challenge to me to make 2 gorgeous “buddies” who have not squirt yet while the other 5 ladies i have been seeing have squits regularly

  39. Can not wait to try it on my wife

  40. OMFG

    Babe you are the most amazing sexy hot luscious exhilarating man i will EVER know

    I want you sooooo bad

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